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Lifestyle: 6 secret languages you read from a guy who truly loves you

One of the questions most single ladies ask is how to realize when a guy is in love with you. As difficult as this question may sound, YEN.com.gh will bring you some signs which can truly tell if indeed a guy has an interest in you.

1. He steals glances at you even in a crowded room For a gentleman to steal glances at you from a far distance means that he has a thing for you. This is especially seen in cases when you find yourself in a busy or crowded place. What this means is that he finds you very attractive.

2. He looks deeper into your eyes Eye contact is one of the body languages that help us find out how much we are in love with another. Take a closer look at the guy you think is attracted to you and find out if he really looks you deep in the eye especially during conversations. If he does, maybe you might find some luck.

3. Compliments your looks One thing a guy rarely does is to complement a lady on how beautiful she looks. But should he express profound love for your choice of attire or hairdo then you might be on the path of finally finding love.

4. Stalking on Social media Stalking on Social media happens when the very man who is attracted to you follows your every post on social media, likes your every comment, tags you on everything he loves and always immediately comments on your Facebook status.

5. He gives a beaming smile any time he sees you Smiles are one of the ways that show how one is attracted to the other. There are various ways of telling a guy really loves you and it's definitely through the intimate way by which he smiles at you anytime he sees you. This means that he is so comfortable with you and thus wants to be around you.

6. He shares in your interests It's often rare for a guy to like the very things a lady wants and this is same with relationships. Showing interest in the very thing you love or life is mostly indicative that he appreciates you for who you are as a person.

Source: yen.com.gh