Entertainment Sat, 31 Dec 2016

Lifestyle:7 Reasons why your digital presence sucks

According to personal branding coach Bernard Kelvin Clive, there are seven (7) reasons why your digital presence is nothing to be proud of and what you must do to fix it.

“Know your limit and circle of influence; you are not called to meet the needs of everyone” – Bernard Kelvin Clive

In summary this is it:

1.You are trying so hard to impress people. (BE YOURSELF)

2.You are on too many social media platforms, yet not active. (FOCUS)

3.You don’t provide any value; less valuable content. ( CONTENT MARKETING)


4. You wear too many hats; obsessed with titles without substance. (INTEGRITY)

5.Your bio(about you) is not well written, full of errors and no call to action. (CLARITY)

6.You keep spamming and stalking. (PERMISSION MARKETING)

7.You don’t have a website or a well branded social media page. (WEBSITE)

Source: Bernard Kelvin Clive