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Sat, 2 Feb 2019 Source: Baiden Felicity

Relationship is very important to humanity, every person needs a companion, someone to share dreams, desires and emotions with but the question is how do we communion with each other properly without losing it. But the truth of the matter is there is always a specific key to every door and without it no one can have access to the room, so it is in every relationship, intimacy is the key to a successful marriage and relationships.

Biblically intimacy began in the Garden of Eden between God and man (Adam) where man had a close relationship with God. God assembled all creatures before Adam to name them and according to the Bible Adam named them as it was supposed to be. Emphasis added (Gen 2:19)

Another aspect that talks about intimacy from the beginning of creation is when Adam knew his wife Eve (emphasis added Gen 4:1). The word knew used in this context is translated in Hebrew as “Yada’’ which means man and woman becoming one flesh.

Many know intimacy as that of physical and emotional attachment which involves romantic love and sexual activity but it goes beyond that. Intimacy is not limited to physical and emotional attachment, but true intimacy is when both partners in the relationship trust each other more and more with their innermost thoughts as defined by Rev.Dr Myles Munroe. This type of intimacy is cognitive; where partners build their relationship on the basis of trust .They trust each other with their innermost desires, wishes, visions and dreams. They encourage each other, nurture trust and develop oneness of spirit.

Throwing more light on the first scenario, Adam developed trust, oneness of spirit with God that is he was able to name every beast of the field as God has planned. Now, when you build your relationship in trust, you begin to think like your partner and even manifest like your partner as the saying goes that show me your friend and I will show your character. This is to say that you are no other person than your best friend; we share our thoughts, desires, dreams and even material things like clothes with them.

Don’t be deceived that physical and emotional attachment is the only way to build a successful intimate relationship. Know and have understanding that physical and sexual intimacy is for a purpose and that is reproduction. Don’t start your relationship on the basis of physical attachment if you are not ready to reproduce.

Are you a victim of physical and sexual intimacy? It is never too late just trust each other, encourage each other to carry on with their dreams, visions and desires. Learn to build friendship with your partner rather than lovers.

Learn to develop oneness of spirit with your partner, for there is no fulfilment of joy without understanding, trust, likeminded, same love and oneness of spirit.

There are so many divorced marriages and broken relationship out there because of lack of trust and oneness of spirit. Many are blindfolded by chemical reactions and end up in a relationship with people they never imagined being with.

Are you about to start a relationship? Then understand that the chief drive for a successful relationship is developing oneness of spirit through trust, understanding and likemindedness.

A true intimacy takes time to glow; it doesn’t happen within a twinkle of an eye as people think.

A true intimacy is able to discern into the innermost thoughts, desires and will of both partners involved without vocalizing it.

A true intimacy is patient, it never loses hope easily and it is long suffering.

Therefore, I would say that a true intimacy is built on trust not sex.

Source: Baiden Felicity