Music Tue, 29 Apr 2014

Lighter features Bisa K. Dei on ‘Economics’

US based Hiplife/Hip-Hop artiste, Lighter, who’s currently living in Ghana, dropped a single last week with a very controversial title ‘Economics.’

The song which has nothing to do with the current economic situation is full of good lyrics and excellent vocals from Bisa K. Dei.

In a chat with Lighter who’s preparing to release his album before the end of the year, he told us that the song is not about the Ghanaian economic situation.

“Economics because, we all understand that it is the brand of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption and the transfer of wealth. Figuratively when the recording was completed, I wanted a meaningful and unique title that could uphold the standard of the work; hence, the metaphorical aspect about the title Economics” Lighter intimated.

He narrated that, if you take the hook of the music for instant, the Ghanaian talented Bisa K. Dei portrays how big he’s got it but nevertheless, how economical he has to be to sustain it. Talking about the current state of the Ghanaian music industry, he said that “Hiplife music IS getting to its peak together with the new trend which is the introduction of the new dances attached to it.”


Sharing his experience on the American music industry, Lighter said he wish we can learn a few positive steps from them. “In USA they have publishing and royalties which Ghanaian music doesn’t have. the Ghanaian artiste has to use his own money to record a full album and end up making money through only shows” Lighter explained further.

He also spoke about the fact that, it has been a very big struggle for Ghanaian musicians to be managing themselves which is also affecting the growth of the business.

With over 1000 tracks to his credit, he advised Charterhouse - the organizers of Ghana Music Award, to also take a clue from certain international awards to enable them do the right thing.

Source: Mustapha A Inusah