Tabloid News Tue, 31 Jul 2007

Lover pours acid on girl

For refusing to agree to his marriage proposal, Maame Efua Arko, 25 was allegedly splashed in the face with acid by her boyfriend, a court in Cape Coast has heard.

The prosecution said within two months of their relationship, Maame’s boyfriend, Kwame Adjei, 32, known as Nipa Bawu paid the “knocking fee” to her parents as a prelude to eventual marriage.

But not long afterwards, Efua changed her mind about the marriage. Subsequently, Agyei demanded a refund of the knocking fee and that led to a confrontation during which he allegedly threw acid into her face.

Agyei was arraigned before a Circuit Court yesterday on a charge of causing harm and was remanded in custody.

He pleaded guilty to the charge but the presiding judge, Mr Asiedu Bahh deferred sentence to August 17 to enable his alleged accomplice named as Ali Baba who is serving a prison term in Kumasi to be brought before court.

The prosecution said Agyei had three previous convictions for causing harm, assault and stealing.

Police Superintendent Cyril Ackom told the court that Maame Efua ended the relationship due to persistent beatings by Agyei and moved from Besiase, where she lived with her mother to Kisi.

He said on December 28, 2005, Agyei visited Maame Efua at about 8.30 pm and requested a drink of water but poured it on the ground when the water was served.

Agyei then demanded to know why Maame Efua had changed her mind about marrying him after her parents had accepted the knocking fee.

Agyei, according to Superintendent Ackom then said he would make sure that no man would marry her since she had refused to marry him.

The Central Regional Hospital authorities confirmed that the liquid Agyei splashed on Efua’s face was acid. Agyei said it was given to him by Ali Baba.

Source: Ghanaian Times