Lydia Forson angrily lambasts people accusing Chris Attoh of killing his wife on Social Media

Lydia Forson Drug Lydia Forson

Mon, 13 May 2019 Source: ghbase.com

Ghanaian outspoken actress and entrepreneur, Lydia Forson has angrily descended on people who are pointing fingers at Chris Attoh and accusing him of killing his own wife, Bette Jenifer who was murdered last Friday.

Lydia Forson believes that this is a time people should be offering their condolences to Chris Attoh rather than chastise him.

But instead, people are pointing fingers at him and making wild allegations against Chris Attoh unjustifiably. Again, others are digging for conspiracies ever since Bettie was brutally murdered.

Lydia Forson who sounded very pissed questioned the kind of people who do that at this time of public tragedy.

Lydia Forson attached an image on Instagram and captioned it;

“Someone is going through a very public tragedy and instead of offering words of condolence; your immediate reaction to point fingers and dig for conspiracies. What kind of people are you?.”

Police say Jenifer was shot and killed Friday afternoon in Greenbelt, Maryland, as she left the office building where she worked.

Witnesses say Jenifer saw a man with a gun standing in the parking lot. As she tried to run away, the gunman chased her, shooting her twice.

Police say they believe she was the victim of a targeted killing and that the gunman is at large.

Attoh was in Los Angeles working on a film and immediately flew to Maryland.

Reports say investigators are studying Attoh's social media posts after he deleted all photographs of him and Jenifer together on his websites -- leading to speculation in Ghana that the couple was splitting up.

Attoh and Jenifer were married for just seven months.

Source: ghbase.com
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