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Lynx Entertainment was BIG and a big push – O.J. Blaq

Pretty sure it’s been a very long time you heard from former Lynx Entertainment artist and actor Andy Nii Akrashie who many have referred to as Ghana’s version of Rick Ross. If you still don’t remember who I mean, I’m talking about O. J. Blaq, the Biggie Boy lover.

Well known as Marlon T for his role in popular hit TV series Suncity during his University days, O.J Blaq joined Richie Mensah’s Lynx Entertainment back in 2006 where they worked together as a family and released a couple of songs including an album.

Since his departure from the label, very little has been heard of him so I hooked up with him via a phone interview during my radio show #RYSENSHYNE on Y102.5FM in Kumasi.

Answering questions as to where he has been all this while and what he is up to, the musician explained he was currently schooling and still working on a few productions which would be soon outdoored.

“I’ve been around working on some productions and putting my album together. I’m also in school and but my fans would hear from me soon”, he said.

Speaking on his decision to move out of Lynx Entertainment which housed a great army of musicians including Richie, Asem, Zigi, Irene Logan, Eazzy and himself, the Me Wo Mmaa hit maker explained it was almost impossible to leave the label since it was a big push and felt more like a founding member of the label but had to move on in life.

“Even when you live with your family, it gets to a point you want to move on and make money and I’m sure that is allowed. Lynx was a big push, we were all family like you knew, always helping each other. I was the first artist for Lynx but didn’t come out first though, I felt like I was a partner and a pioneer of Lynx but had to move”

He denied speculations that his move from the label was because there were problems with the team and also stated he can’t sign to the label anymore as he is on his own projects now.

“I don’t have any problem with Lynx, we can do projects together but I can’t sign with Lynx entertainment record label anymore. There’s no special reason but I made a decision and I have to go by it”, he said.

In 2010, the artistes on the Lynx Entertainment record label Richie, ASEM, OJ Blaq, Eazzy and Zigi collaborated on Africa’s Moment, which was featured on Hello Afrika, Sony Music’s release in conjunction with the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The song was also featured in the Vodafone advert which staged the first ever flashmob in West Africa.

O.J. Blaq is currently working on a new album and has revealed he is also working on re-branding.

Source: Nydjlive.com