MAC D Empire launches Media Merit Award

Mema Award The Media Merit Award recognizes the effort of media practitioners in the Volta Region

Tue, 11 Jun 2019 Source: kkantakufore.com

Mac D Empire has released a press statement announcing an award scheme for the media personalities in Volta Region dubbed Media Merit Award (MEMA). This is an award scheme solely for the indigenous Volta media personalities.

A portion of the statement described the criteria and who qualifies “The award scheme is poised to reward entrepreneurs, radio personalities, Disc Jockeys and many other media personalities in the industry.

Media Merit Awards will recognize young and adult who are emerging in the media industry with full exhibits, peer leadership skills in the budding pillar towards media development” the statement added.

Read Full Statement below:

About MAC D Empire

Mac D Empire seeks to redefine the phase of showbiz starting from the Volta region. To help expose hidden talents in youth and give them much recognition in and outside the Volta region through massive promotion.

Make a simple career for the deprived talented youths in Ghana. To boost and market small scale businesses to the world. To give entrepreneurship skills to interested individuals. To make the Mac-D brand the best in Ghana and globally.

Source: kkantakufore.com