Television Tue, 3 May 2011


M-Net’s BIG BROTHER AMPLIFIED, refreshed by Coca-Cola, kicks off on DStv today (Sunday May 1). For more news and information on the show, log on to www.mnetafrica.com/bigbrother. Here’s a look at the housemates…

ALEX - GHANA Age: 31 Describes himself as: Powerful, authentic, with style and personality Favourite Books: Robert Green (48 Laws of Power) Favourite TV Shows: Reality shows

Ghanaian Alex says that his favourite place in Ghana is the beach in Tema because of the sea breeze; his favourite celebrities are rappers Nas and 50 Cent and his favourite movies are gangster movies like Casino and GoodFellas. Alex reveals that he was ecstatic when he was chosen for the show saying, “I was screaming in a taxi!” and when asked why audiences should watch him on Big Brother Amplified, Alex says, “I’ve been told that I have a magnetic personality.”

He says he will most miss his privacy when he goes into the Big Brother house and asked what he will do with the prize money should he win, he says that after tithing, he would like to take his family on a cruise to the Caribbean. Given the opportunity, Alex would like to visit Japan for their fashion, technology and animation industries. Alex also reveals that he likes spending time with spontaneous people and dislikes ‘close minded bullies who follow trends’. He says his bad habit is that he bites his nails.

The 31-year-old says that he’s passionate about building more infrastructure in his community, equipping them with more libraries and after school activities for the children. And he says that if he could change one thing in the world it would be poverty. Listing his special talents, Alex says that he knows how to draw. Qualified in illustration and graphics, he also says that the achievement that he is most proud of is becoming creative director for a clothing brand because of the creative control over his work. Alex loves dogs and wants to learn how to play golf.

BERNADINA - NAMIBIA Age: 21 Describes herself as: Energetic, opinionated, caring, crazy, loud, talkative, loving, friendly, extrovert and wild sometimes Favourite TV Shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, The Simpsons Favourite Food: Sweet & sour chicken Favourite Celebrities: Halle Berry, Oprah and Wentworth Miller

Born in Windhoek, Bernadina works for a construction company. She says her favourite place in Namibia is Rehoboth, because “it’s a nice party place”. The best things about her country are the people, the wildlife and all the tourist attractions. Her parents are her role models because “they have done so much for me and have made me who and what I am today”. The best advice she has ever been given came from her mom: “Be who you are, making wise decisions and following your heart, never changing who you are”.

Bernadina entered Big Brother Amplified for the adventure and challenge it holds – “plus the fame and the money up for grabs,” she adds. Her favourite former Big Brother Africa contestant is Tatiana because of her bubbly personality. Bernadina says that if she wins the game, she’ll give a share of her money to a lady she knows who is establishing an organisation that helps children improve their reading skills.

If she could change one thing in the word, Bernadina would love to “give all the starving people something to eat and put a roof over their heads”. When she needs to relax, she enjoys bubble baths and watching television. If she could go anywhere in the world, she’d love to visit Rio de Janeiro because “it’s the party place of the world.” Bernadina is passionate about women’s rights saying “I believe in women being treated fairly.”

BHOKE - TANZANIA Age: 26 Describes herself as: Confident, bubbly, fun, intelligent, interesting, competent, generous, beautiful, caring, down to earth Favourite Celebrities: Beyonce, Ellen Favourite Foods: Ugali and Chicken Favourite Movies: Splash, Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

Bhoke is a popular face on Tanzanian television. The bubbly 26 year-old University graduate is also a huge fan of music and singing – though she is the first to admit that she can’t really sing! Bhoke says her favourite places in Tanzania are Bagamoyo and Zanzibar because they are peaceful, beautiful and have amazing beaches. She says the best thing about her country is “peace – Tanzania is the most peaceful country ever!”

She says her greatest achievement so far is being selected to be part of Big Brother Amplified – she entered the show because she wanted to see what it would be like to live life without any contact with the outside world and to challenge herself. She says viewers should keep an eye on her because she is unpredictable, fun, she’ll keep them guessing and she’s a great person to be around.

Hollywood would be her first choice of places to visit as she’d like to see how movies are made. When she wants to relax, Bhoke enjoys just sitting on the beach. Passionate about children’s rights, she would rid the world of poverty if she could.

CONFIDENCE - GHANA Age: 37 Describes herself as: Adventurous, energetic, pioneering, courageous, enthusiastic, confident, dynamic, selfish, quick-tempered, daredevil Favourite Celebrities: Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Nadia Buari Favourite Foods: Banku and any soup or stew Favourite Movies: Pretty Woman, Coming to America, The Devil Wears Prada

Confidence is a married mother of one, the CEO of a multimedia company and owns a nightclub. She speaks English and French and says her favourite place in her country is “my house – because the party is always happening there”. Confidence’s role model is one of her aunts who she says is “religious, strong, principled, sexy, considerate and a God-mother. She is 70 years old and I would love to be like her when I am old”. Her greatest achievement is her son, because she feels she has someone to continue her legacy.

Confidence’s favourite housemate from previous seasons of the show is Kenya’s Sheila – “because she is real”. The things she’ll miss most about the outside world are her son and her dogs Duchi and Kyeiwa.

Confidence likes spending time with people who are loyal and fun-loving and dislikes people who gossip and are lazy, hypocritical and dishonest. Her bad habit is “shouting” and if she could go anywhere in the world, she would visit Anthony Robbins’ Spa in Fiji. Her favourite way to relax is to watch TV in bed, with a bottle of champagne.

DANNY – ETHIOPIA Age: 34 Describes himself as: Cool, adventurous, funny, sociable, friendly and dependable Favourite Books: Non-fiction Favourite TV Shows: Reality shows, sports, entertainment and news

34-year-old Ethiopian Danny is single and he speaks English and Amharic. He enjoys action and adventure movies and his favourite celebrities are Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela and Diego Maradona. He also says that the best thing about his country is “the weather, the diversity and the hospitality of the people, the rich culture”.

He also says that the best advice he ever got came from a friend who said, “when your life flips upside down, stand still”. When he needs to relax, Danny does so by watching movies or listening to music. When he goes into the Big Brother house Danny says that the thing he will miss most is the “freedom to go everywhere I want and my friends!”When asked what achievement he is most proud of, Danny says that he is still waiting for his big moment.

He says that he was surprised to be chosen for Big Brother Amplified but that if he wins the money he will use it to start his dream business “which is establishing a designer made clothes shop in Ethiopia”. Given the opportunity, Danny would like to visit Rome because of its historical significance. On the subject of previous seasons of Big Brother, Danny says that his favourite housemates were Yacob, Kaone and Lerato. He also says that the social cause that he is most passionate about is education.

ERNEST - UGANDA Age: 28 Describes himself as: Mr. Incorrigible, Cheshire Cat, magnanimous, fabulous, arrogant, acerbic, articulate, persistent, charming Favourite Foods: Chicken, mushroom sauce, steak Favourite Books: The Alchemist, I Don’t Mean To Be Rude, Song of Solomon Favourite Celebrities: Diddy, Ne-Yo, Snoop, Dr Dre, Nicki Minaj, Drake

Public Relations Consultant Ernest hails from Mbale in Uganda. He has a degree in Social Sciences, is single, and speaks English and Luganda. His role model is Diddy because “it’s easy to see how successful a man who can’t really dance or sing has made himself into a world-class brand that is bankable and desirable”.

Ernest entered Big Brother Amplified because he wanted an opportunity to showcase his personality on an African and world stage while sharing space with diverse people. If he wins Big Brother Amplified, he has plans to set up a fully-fledged Communications/Media Agency.

Ernest likes spending time with people who are intelligent, fun-loving, and “outside the box” and says he can be“a little annoying” when he chooses to push people’s buttons. He listens to bar lounge classics when he needs to relax and would love to visit Los Angeles – “it’s the world’s entertainment capital”.

FELICIA - MALAWI Age: 24 Describes herself as: Creative, carefree, friendly, open-minded, stylish, out-going, fun, charming, gorgeous, honest Favourite Foods: Fish, prawns, roast beef, roast potatoes, salads Favourite Book: Think Big Favourite Celebrities: Tyra Banks, Oprah Winfrey, Malaika, Nonhle Thema, Lil Wayne

Lilongwe born Felicia is in a relationship, has a 4 year-old child and speaks English and Chichewa. Her favourite songs include “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal and “Upgrade You” by Beyonce. She says the best thing about Malawi is how peaceful it is – “Malawi is also known as ‘the warm heart of Africa’ because of its peaceful environment and very friendly, calm people.” Given the opportunity, Felicia would like to visit Japan right now to feel the impact of the tsunami and offer support to the victims wherever she could.

Felicia entered Big Brother Amplified to represent her country, to do her part in making her country proud and to change her life and the lives of many others. Viewers should tune in to watch her because she will entertain them and wow them with her dancing. “They will learn a life of a true Malawian lady,” she says. If she wins, she’ll get a roof over her head, donate to charity and “invest in something that will keep my life going to reach my goals”.

She likes spending time with attentive, open-minded, flexible and responsible people but dislikes racists and two-faced people. Her motto? “Live life to the fullest – make hay while the sun still shines”.

HANNI - ETHIOPIA Age: 22 Describes herself as: Outgoing, funny, sweet, nice, Up for new challenges and a good friend Favourite Celebrities: Lauryn Hill, Damien Marley, Wyclef Jean Favourite Books: Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code Favourite Movies: Comedies

Addis Ababa-born Hanni is a 5th year law student with a passion for reggae. She says the best thing about her country is the people, because “here in Ethiopia we still have the culture of sharing and still manage to be there for one another. The people of Ethiopia are very friendly, graceful, cultural and welcoming”.

Hanni entered Big Brother Amplified because she feels she is at a point in her life where she wants to learn more about herself. She says she is open to new things and loves getting to know people personally because there is more to a person than meets the eye. She says audiences should watch her on Big Brother because she is “honest, funny and interesting”. Her favourite Housemate from previous seasons of Big Brother Africa was Yacob, because she found him smart, funny and interesting. As a musician, she will miss performing once she crosses the famous house’s threshold.

To relax, Hanni loves hanging out and having a good time with her friends, listening to music and singing – she is at her most relaxed when she is on stage. Passionate about the rights of women and children, she is a strong believer in equality between sexes and that every child should be educated properly.

JOSSY - NAMIBIA Age: 28 Describes himself as: Unpredictable but nurturing Favourite Celebrities: R.Kelly, Denzel Washington, Salif Keita Favourite Foods: Lasagne, lamb stew and porridge Favourite TV Shows: Two and a Half Men

A Marketing, Sales and Advertising Manager and recording artist, Jossy says he entered Big Brother Amplified “by accident – but hey, who wouldn’t want USD 200 000?” He is single and speaks 4 languages – Oshiwambo, English, Afrikaans and Otjiherero. His role model is Nelson Mandela, because “he has the calmness to change anger into happiness”. The best advice Jossy has ever been given came from a friend: “Never ever envy others that are living a good life, rather learn from them as you can get there as well”. He is most proud of having established himself in a management role without having studied for it – and also having become a recording artist.

Jossy says viewers should watch him on Big Brother Amplified because he is “sexy, handsome, caring and will continue to surprise”. He was scared when he was chosen to be on the show and will miss his “music moments” – “where I can select what I want to listen to, when I want to” once he’s inside the house. If he wins, he will invest his prize money in property and business.

He likes fun-loving people who show respect, and says his worst habit is cleaning and keeping everything in order. His happiest moment was when he released his first single as a recording artist – while the most difficult thing he has ever had to do is “coming to Big Brother”. Jossy’s personal motto is “keep the faith” and if he could change one thing in the world, it would be “the hearts of the people, to love more”.

KAREN - NIGERIA Age: 27 Describes herself as: Loud, friendly, fun, playful, funny, sweet, honest, ready to learn, down to earth Favourite TV Shows: Desperate Housewives, Nip/Tuck Favourite Foods: Banga soup, steak and mashed potato Favourite Celebrities: Damien Marley, 2Face

Karen was born in Jos in Plateau State, Nigeria – her favourite place in her country - and she is single. She speaks Hausa, Urhobo and English and lists her mother as her role model. She likes spending time with people who are similar to her -‘fun, happy people’- and dislikes people who are boring, fake, and dishonest.

Her favourite housemate in previous Big Brother Africa series was Cherise because ‘she was real’. Karen relaxes by ‘chilling with friends’ and would love to visit Spain because ‘it is sunny, beautiful and exotic.’ She will most miss her family, friends and phone when she goes into the Big Brother house. If she wins Big Brother, she’d like to give some to charity and start her own NGO.

When she was chosen to appear on Big Brother, she felt ‘lucky and shocked’ and also very happy. She says audiences should watch her on Big Brother because she is fun, playful and friendly and will ‘say it like it is’. Karen says that the best thing about her country is that ‘it is a happy, beautiful place.’

KIM - ZAMBIA Age: 25 Describes herself as: Pretty, fun, outgoing, good sense of humour, caring, great smile Favourite Books: The Bible, the rest of the list is endless as I love reading Favourite Foods: Dry fish, but I like trying new foods Favourite TV Shows: Reality shows

Kim is a beautician with a qualification in Cosmetology and Hair Dressing, and was born in Nchelenge, Zambia. She speaks 6 languages – English, Bemba, Setswana, Nianja, Tonga and Lozi and is single. She likes “cute boys” like Chris Brown, Paul Walker and Da LES from Jozi and “fab ladies” like Blake Lively, J-Lo, Beyonce, Meagan Good, Rita Dominic and admires the Kardashian sisters because “they are really doing their thing”. Her favourite place in Zambia is Livingstone, because “it’s a live, friendly city that never sleeps, with warm and welcoming people who are not shy to meet new people. It boasts the lovely Victoria Falls and a number of game parks and wonderful clubs”.

Kim’s mom is her role model because “she raised me to be the person I have become despite the difficulties she faced in the process. She made me believe in myself and trust only in God. I am the person I am today because of the time she took in being my friend, role model and loving mum”.

She entered Big Brother Amplified to meet new people. Asked why viewers should watch her on the show, she says “I’m fun and always have a story to my life. What you get from me is real, fresh and fab as I never pretend to be anyone but myself”. If she wins, she will help in the fight against cancer in Zambia, help her sisters with their education, her parents and her family and boost her media and cosmetology career.

LOMWE – MALAWI Age: 27 Describes himself as: The kinda person who rides ‘til the wheels fall off Favourite Foods: Nsima with beef stew, Italian food Favourite TV Shows: The Sopranos, 24, CSI, Family Guy, The Boondocks, The Simpsons Favourite Celebrities: Jay-Z, Nelson Mandela, P. Diddy, KB

Popular Radio and Club DJ Lomwe hails from Blantyre in Malawi. The mafia movie fan (Scarface, The Godfather) says his favourite place in his country is Lake Malawi, because “it’s the best getaway from everyday life – it’s paradise at home”.

Lomwe entered Big Brother Amplified to win USD 200 000 and to “expose my talent on the biggest platform on the continent”. He says that viewers should watch him “because show business is my nature”. “I have charisma and a great sense of humour, I like to have a lot of fun with my life – plus I am quite handsome,” he says. Should he win, he will open his own media business (a radio station) and visit his little brother in the UK.

His role model is BBC Radio 1 presenter Chris Moyles because he inspired Lomwe to pursue a career where all he can do is be himself. His proudest achievement is his radio career: “a lot of people thought I wouldn’t get far without a normal office job, but I’m proving them wrong daily”. The best advice he ever received is “first you get the money, then you get the power – then you get the money” courtesy of Tony Montana in the movie Scarface. He dislikes people who gossip, hypocrites and people who can’t take a joke.

LOTUS - TANZANIA Age: 24 Describes herself as: Fun, loving, with a rainbow personality. Cool in an Afro-baby-punk way Favourite Food: Mediterranean food, veggie pizza, pilau, chocolate cake Favourite Movies: Save The Last Dance, Kung-Fu Hustle, Inception Favourite TV Shows: Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty

Television presenter Lotus hails from Dar es Salaam. Fluent in English, Kiswahili and Swedish, she is also a dancer and choreographer, with a diploma in TV journalism. She says her favourite place in her country is the islands, including Zanzibar and Pemba. “I just love to explore the islands,” she says. “It’s like a country within a country”. She says the best thing about her country is the mixture of people and tribes “and we still live in harmony”. She says that children are her role models because they never forget to be themselves.

Lotus entered Big Brother Amplified because she needs the prize money to do her projects and also because “it should be lots of fun to be with Africans from all over the continent”. She says that people should watch the show because it will be more entertaining than it was last year. Her favourite former Big Brother contestant is Tatiana, because she was “fun and a free spirit”.

Lotus’ happiest memory is falling in love for the first time – and likes spending time with fun people who like to enjoy life. She dislikes “people who are in their heads” and regards herself as quite a trend-setter. She says her worst habit is “using too much toilet paper”!

LUCLAY – SOUTH AFRICA Age: 28 Describes himself as: I live my life purely on reason, respect, spirit, God, faith, love Favourite TV Shows: Las Vegas, Survivor Favourite Movies: Usual Suspects, American Gangster, Hurricane, Gladiator, Training Day, Scarface Favourite Celebrities: Denzel Washington, Al Pacino

Actor and acting coach Luclay was born in Cape Town, and speaks English, Xhosa, Afrikaans and Portuguese. Cape Town is his favourite place in South Africa because he is “inspired by people who live within their means and are happy with their inheritance on this planet”. He says the best thing about South Africa is that “there’s no country in the world that welcomes all races, ethnicities and genders like SA”.

His mom and cousin are his role models, because “they have dedicated their lives to helping everyone around them”. He goes on to say “I owe them my life a million times”. The best advice he ever received is “fear no living person on this planet as we’re all trying to make sense of this life. Keep your faith and fear God in every decision you make in life”.

Luclay entered Big Brother Amplified to start a new chapter in his life and thinks viewers will like watching him because “I guess everyone will see a bit of themselves in me”. He was a bit shocked when he heard that he’d made it onto the show, but he knew it was his time. He’ll miss his mom, brother, cousin and girlfriend when he’s in the house. Luclay is also an ardent soccer fan.

MICHAEL – MOZAMBIQUE Age: 32 Describes himself as: Fun, lovely, happy, creative, sexy, proactive, open-minded, laid-back, confident, serious Favourite Foods: Pasta Favourite TV Shows: Sport and movies Favourite Celebrities: Denzel Washington, Lionel Messi, Michael Jackson

Hairdresser and DJ Michael is in a relationship and has a 3-year-old child. He loves the sound of soul, rap and African drum music and his favourite films are “American Gangster” and “Catch Me If You Can”.

His favourite place in Mozambique is the beach, because he loves the sound of water as it relaxes him. The best things about his country are the peace, the food and the hospitality. His role models are his father and Denzel Washington. He chose his father because “he raised me well and taught me everything I know” and Denzel because of his confidence and “his movies have touched the world”.

Michael entered Big Brother Amplified because he wanted to have fun and experience different cultures – “and the money!” he quips. Viewers should watch him because he has a lot to share with the audience. If he wins, he’ll buy a house, give some money to charity and help people in need. His favourite former housemate is Tatiana, because “she was fun and lovable”. He enjoys spending time with quiet people and good listeners, and dislikes gossipers and aggressive people. The best advice he’s ever been given came from his father: “there’s no competition in the world – you are capable of achieving anything as long as you believe in yourself”. To relax, Michael goes to the beach and listens to music.

MILLICENT - KENYA Age: 28 Describes herself as: I am an open-minded, hardworking, and full of humor lady Profession: Actress Favourite Food: Rice and chicken Favourite TV Shows: Cartoons and Mexican soap operas Favourite Celebrities: Serena Williams, Michael Essien, Tekla Lorupe

An actress in Kenya and Nollywood, Millicent speaks basic French, English and Swahili and is passionate about empowering girls. She enjoys spending time with positive and loving open-minded people. Her worst habit is that she talks too much and her happiest memory is spending time with her late mother.

Millicent entered Big Brother Amplified “to get the fame, win the money and use it to my own benefit and society at large through my networking.” If she wins the prize money, Millicent says that she plans to buy herself a house. She says that viewers should watch her on Big Brother Amplified because she is an open-minded and fun-loving lady. She dislikes liars, negative and greedy people.

If she could go anywhere in the world, Millicent would go to Egypt to learn more about the history of the pharaohs. To relax, she listens to music. Her personal motto is ‘forward ever, backward never.’ She also loves soccer and is a fan of Chelsea and Real Madrid.

MUMBA - ZAMBIA Age: 24 Describes herself as: Cool, calm, collected, well-calculated, smart, sexy, fun, understanding, loving, but can be mean and rude if need be Favourite TV Shows: Top Gear, Two and a Half Men, Dexter, Rhythm City, Ellen, Fringe, Friends, Heroes Favourite Foods: I love what’s good and healthy for my body Favourite Celebrities: Michelle Obama, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell

Radio DJ Mumba was born in Chililabombwe and is “happily single”. She loves to read and her favourite place in Zambia is “home – because there is no place like home, though I do love Livingstone as there is so much to see and it makes you feel closer to nature”. Her role models are her mom and dad because she thinks they are the strongest people on earth. She takes advice from friends, family and work mates – “it all builds me up and helps me to be a better person”. She is most proud of getting her Diploma in Journalism and says the hardest thing she has ever had to do is “let go of the past”.

Mumba entered Big Brother Amplified for one reason: “I really, really, really want the prize money!” She says that viewers should watch her because she is “fun, sexy, appealing, interesting, creative and I’ll keep them on their toes – they will always want to watch me ‘coz they won’t get enough of me”. If she wins, she’ll splash out on a new luxury German coupe, a house and “so much more”. When she’s in the house, she’ll miss her family, friends, cellphone, the internet, TV, radio, her music and her privacy – along with her favourite foods.

She likes to spend time with people who are “real, down-to-earth and who just want to have fun” and dislikes people who are full of themselves. When she needs to relax, Mumba listens to music and if she could go anywhere in the world, she’d choose Hawaii: “I just wanna relax on the beaches and check out all those sexy dudes with their 6-packs,” she says.

NIC - KENYA Age: 26 Describes himself as: Caring, charming, cute, clever guy who loves a good time Favourite Books: Current affairs magazines Favourite TV Shows: David Letterman, Family Guy, The Patricia Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld Favourite Celebrities: Barack Obama

26-year-old Nic is a television producer from Nairobi with a double degree: a Major in Film and Screen Production and a Minor in Human Resource Management. “Happily Single”, he speaks Kiswahili and English and loves foreign films, thrillers and comedies. He says his favourite place in Kenya is the Masai Mara: “I love the peace and tranquility I experienced whilst there – I’ve never had such an experience before”. The best thing about his country, according to Nic, is “the diversity of people and cultures – we have over 40 tribes and a large group of expatriates and 2nd generation Kenyans who find common ground”.

Nic entered Big Brother Amplified “to use it as a platform to gain some form of recognition of character among the African people and pursue my dream of entertaining Africa on a grand scale – the money wasn’t a bad incentive too”. He says that viewers should watch him because they’ll not know what to expect from him. “I am cheeky, spontaneous, funny, intelligent and a good listener, plus I am a bit of a flirt, so that should get their attention when they tune in to watch this crazy guy from Kenya.” If he wins, he’ll invest wisely in his future and give his tithe to a good cause.

His mother is his role model. He says of her: “a great part of my formative years were spent with my mother. I saw how strong she had to be, to be both mother and father to me at times, and what she went through as a single mother made her stronger and made me who I am today”. She also gave him the best advice he has ever received: “suffer now, enjoy later”.

NKULI – SOUTH AFRICA Age: 23 Describes herself as: Confident, intelligent, friendly, vivacious, leader, fun-loving, introspective, fashionable, edgy, eccentric Favourite Foods: Pizza, pasta, chicken, chocolate Favourite TV Shows: Reality shows Favourite Celebrities: Khanyi Dhlomo, Rihanna

Nkuli is a business student and TV intern who was born in Umtata in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. She is single, speaks English and Xhosa and loves romance novels, comedy films and hip-hop music. She doesn’t have a role model, believing in “being the best me I can be and not trying to be like someone else”. She does admire Khanyi Dhlomo and her mom, though. The best advice she was ever given is “with your God and your ancestors by your side, success is inevitable. Don’t carry yesterday’s problems into today – every day is a new day”.

Nkuli entered Big Brother Amplified for the prize money and exposure. “It was a strategic career decision as I am involved in broadcast media and to have a good time”. If she wins the show, she’ll hire the best financial advisor money can buy, spend some on her education, invest in shares and property, put some into producing her own TV show, upgrade her car, have some fun and donate some to charity.

Once inside the house, she’ll miss TV, her family and her best friend. “I believe I will think of the outside world – but miss it? Not much, because the house is where my mind will be,” she says.

MISS P - BOTSWANA Age: 24 Describes herself as: I am a loving, caring, smart and cultured Motswana lady Favourite Foods: Black-eyed peas and corn, milk products, bread and mopane worms Favourite Books: The Bible, My Sister’s Keeper, The Color Purple, Who Moved My Cheese, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Favourite Celebrities: Bob Marley, Tina Fey, Oprah, Nelson Mandela, Shanti Lo, Juju Boy, Katt Williams

24 year-old “Miss P” (Peo) - is a freelancer with a BA Mass Communication degree in Journalism, Public Relations and Film & Television. She’s from Gaborone, is single and says that the best things about her country are its natural sites, the desert, the Okavango Delta, the Salt Pans and the people “as they are peaceful, they practice total democracy and accommodate expats”. She’s passionate about charity work and the fight against AIDS – when she was in high school, she helped start clubs to raise awareness of both causes. Her special talent is “being a warm person – I’ve always been able to make people feel at home and safe with me”.

If she could change one thing in the world, she would “go to war and kill all hatred and paint it with the deepest colour of L.O.V.E”. Miss P entered Big Brother Amplified to share her “amazing personality” with Africa and create a name for herself in the media industry. If she wins, she promises to “give back in charitable ways, help my family and friends financially, buy a house and car and invest the rest”. Her favourite former housemate is Brad, because “he was mean yet lovable and kept us glued to the screen because of his explosive character and interesting habits”.

When she needs to relax, Miss P talks about her day and if she could visit any place in the world, she would travel to South America to see the beaches, experience the national siesta, reggae music, the colourful traditions and amazing fun.

SHARON O – UGANDA Age: 25 Describes herself as: Ambitious, hardworking, free spirit, warm, passionate, friendly, reserved, God-fearing, strong, empowered woman Favourite Foods: Rice and beans, mashed potato with beef Favourite Movies: Troy, Pretty Woman, King Kong, Sound of Music Favourite Book: Cinderella

Entertainment star Sharon O is a well-known face in Uganda. Born in Kampala, she is in a committed relationship and has a two and a half year-old son. Her favourite place in Uganda is Jinja, because she loves looking at the Nile as it calms her. The best thing about her country, according to Sharon O, is the climate, “because it’s so favourable – and the people are warm and welcoming”. If she could visit any place in the world, it would be ‘Vegas’ because she loves living life to the fullest and having fun.

Sharon O entered Big Brother Amplified because, in her words, “it is a very big highlight – it opens doors and exposes you to the whole of Africa and the world”. She says that viewers should keep an eye on her as she has a lot to offer as a person – “as far as music, dance and drama is concerned”. Her favourite former housemate is Gaetano, because she feels he represented Uganda well “and was interesting as a person”. The things she’ll miss most from the outside world are her son, her boyfriend and her family.

To relax, Sharon O goes to the beach, watches movies, reads magazines and spends time with her son. Her role model is her mom, because “she’s hardworking, she has been able to take care of us. She’s a very independent woman”. The best advice she’s ever been given is “always look at being a head, not a tail” and her personal motto is “work hard to achieve a comfortable life”.

VIMBAI - ZIMBABWE Age: 24 Describes herself as: Spontaneous, intelligent, goofy, fun-loving, driven, focused, beautiful, strong, leader, foresighted Favourite Foods: Sushi, apple pie, rice with peanut butter Favourite TV Shows: Keeping up with The Kardashians, Kendra, Tyra Banks, Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl Favourite Movies: Due Date, Sex and The City, Valentine’s Day

Professional Model Vimbai is not just a pretty face – the young lady from Harare has a Bachelor of Social Science degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and speaks 4 languages – English, Shona, French and Basic Serbian! Vimbai’s favourite place in Zimbabwe is Nyanga in the Eastern Highlands, because “it’s a fresh, peaceful place with plenty of great hotels, spas and golf courses”. She says the best thing about her country is the people: “we have been through ups and downs, yet every Zimbabwean still makes it through the day with a positive attitude and a smile”.

Vimbai’s role model is one-time Miss World turned Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai, and the best advice Vimbai has ever personally received comes from TB Joshua: “If you have not tasted poverty, you will not be able to manage blessing. If you have not tasted humiliation, you will to be able to manage honour. All high places are slippery places”.

She entered Big Brother Amplified to re-launch a new modeling and entertainment career for herself on an African platform, and if she wins the show, she’ll invest her winnings in her country and donate some to charity. Vimbai says that viewers should watch her on Big Brother Amplified because she’s spontaneous, entertaining and all round fun-loving. “You never know what’s coming next and that makes for GREAT entertainment!” she says.

VINA - NIGERIA Age: 26 Describes herself as: Outrageous, silly, annoying, kind, caring, patient, outgoing, spontaneous, blessed Favourite TV Shows: Criminal Minds, Desperate Housewives, Pretty Little Liars, True Blood Favourite Foods: Pounded Yam, Jollof Rice, Amora Favourite Celebrities: Eva Longoria

Radio presenter Vina was born in Kwande, is in a relationship and has a BA (Hons) in Media Production. She speaks Goemai, Hausa, English and “a little French) and her favourite book is “The Gift” by Danielle Steele. Vina entered Big Brother Amplified on a whim – she actually went along to support her cousin, who had applied. “She asked me to take part, so I did – and since I got through one audition, I thought ‘why not go all the way?”

She promises viewers that she will be “outrageous” on the show because her personality is “very amplified”! She’s confident of her chances on the show: “When I walk out as the winner, I will use some of my money to refurbish the Zawan orphanage in Jos”. She says her favourite place in Nigeria is Jos: “as a child, growing up in Jos, life was calm and easy. So many memories of my childhood come from there”. The best advice she has ever been given came from her parents, who told her “always be yourself, never try to be what you’re not – and remember where you came from”.

Vina’s greatest achievement is forging a life for herself on the island of Malta. “Living away in another country made me realise how much family means to me,” she says. “It also taught me to be independent and free”. She likes spending time with people who know how to have fun, but who can also be serious when the time is right. She dislikes people who “think they are all that and better than you” and who are lazy and unfriendly.

WENDALL - ZIMBABWE Age: 23 Describes himself as: Loving, easy-going and fun to be around, but step on my toes and you’ll suffer Favourite Foods: Sushi, pizza and anything hot Favourite Books: Books never interested me, but FHM will do! Favourite TV Shows: Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, Scare Tactics

Wendall is a pilot from Harare. His favourite place in Zimbabwe is Kariba because he loves fishing and being in the sun with his friends. He says that the best thing about his country is “absolutely everything – the people, how beautiful our country is and how much it has to offer the world”. The best advice he ever received was “live each day as if it were your last” from his mother, along with “be grateful for everything and every opportunity you get in your life”. His greatest achievement is qualifying for his commercial pilot’s license and he lists his role model as US President Barack Obama.

Wendall entered Big Brother Amplified for the challenge and to represent his country. He promises viewers that he will take excitement and suspense to another level and should he win, he will invest his prize money into something he enjoys doing and start a business. His favourite previous Big Brother contestant is Munya because of the way he represented Zimbabwe “and he came so close to winning”.

To relax, Wendall goes to gym or socialises with his friends. His personal motto is “you win some, you lose some” and while he jokes that while he doesn’t have any specific special talents, “you never know what might come out on a crazy night in the house!”

WEZA – ANGOLA Age: 26 Describes herself as: I am a very loving person, I love shopping and partying Favourite TV Show: House, Grey’s Anatomy, Hora Quente (Angolan TV show) Favourite Celebrities: Connie Ferguson, Oprah, Denzel Washington, Tyler Perry Favourite Books: The Long Walk, Deception, The Alchemist, The Bible

Angolan television personality Weza, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and a Diploma in Business Management, is a familiar face to Channel O audiences who have seen her as a presenter on screen. Currently single, Weza says her favourite place in Angola is Luanda, the capital. “I love ‘ilha’, our bay – it’s the perfect place to relax during the day and party at night.”

She says audiences should watch her in Big Brother Amplified because she’s a fun person who speaks her mind, is very opinionated and doesn’t take herself too seriously. Weza reveals that she likes spending time with ‘happy, fun, straight forward people’ and will miss her family when she goes into the house. ‘I speak to my mom every day on the phone. And I will definitely miss my phone.’ She says her bad habit is that she talks a lot – “it gets on people’s nerves after a while” and says the hardest thing she ever had to do was deciding to enter Big Brother.

Her personal motto is “Life is short – live it to the fullest.” If she could change one thing in the world, it would be poverty and she’s passionate about the rights of children. She relaxes with a bubble bath, a glass of wine and a good book.

ZEUS - BOTSWANA Age: 24 Describes himself as: Ambitious, creative, focused, curious, spiritual, driven, passionate, comical, musical, loving Favourite Food: Setswana chicken, dumplings with oxtail, Mexican pizza, braai steaks with pap and chakalaka Favourite TV Shows: Two and a Half Men, Dexter, Entourage, The Boondocks, Family Guy, Modern Family, Heroes Favourite Books: Who Moved My Cheese?

Hip Hop star Zeus has a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Management and Marketing) degree and speaks two languages – Setswana and English. He was born in Mahalapye and is in a relationship of two years. He says his favourite place in Botswana is Maun, because “it has a laid-back beach town vibe – a very rare vibe in a landlocked country!” Zeus says the best thing about Botswana is that “it has positioned itself well for success by educating its citizens. It has so much potential! There is so much to be done, which is a challenge, but an opportunity especially for Batswana youth,” he says.

Zeus has a lot of role models, from Martin Luther King to Steve Jobs – “anybody who is a ‘believer’ that makes things happen from themselves and their community”. His mother has influenced his life greatly: “her love for education has played a big part in shaping my life and created options for me. Her philosophy which stresses self-awareness, discipline and value-driven living has also been a great gift to me that keeps on giving as I understand it better.”

He entered Big Brother Amplified to market himself as an artist, but also because it presented an opportunity “to get away from the hustle and bustle, gadgets as well as all other forms of modern ‘noise’ that can disturb our peace. I think I could use the time in the house to establish a deeper connection with myself and polish my social and relationship building skills,” he says.

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