Entertainment Sun, 22 Jan 2006

MUSIGA must sit up

The Musicians Union Of Ghana(MUSIGA),in its new year message,stipulated some objectives that ought to be realized this year by all stakeholders in the industry. In one of those stipulations,the president of the Union warned that the Union won't countenance acts of piracy,and that pirates would face stiffer punishments this year.

The president's comments make me wonder how many times the topic of piracy would be discussed without pragmatic measure taken against the unlawful practice. The Union has over the years been issuing strong words against piracy,but the problem still persist,even at a more alarming rate.

This year must witness the Union actually walk the walk and not only talk the talk as always. Action must be taken now to either obliterate or minimize the practice. The New year message also urged events organisers to consult MUSIGA for technical advise, and other services involving foreign musicians. First of all ,events organisers should seek the consent and succour of MUSIGA before their programs occur,whether it involves foreign artistes or local musicians. Most of the the shows organised without the approval of the Union are most atimes fraught with so many problems,unavailabilty of enough seats for patrons,technical mishaps which includes disfunctioning of air conditions and microphones etc.

The music industry is now made up of a chunk of musicians who have nothing but indecent,vulgar and suggestive lyrics in their songs ,so much so that,many have advocated for the setting up of a censorship board that will scrutinize all forms of music before they're released into the market. The censorship board is a laudable idea that must be put in operation this year and it sure will get rid of many songs not good for human consumption. Then again,all shows held at the behest of MUSIGA,must ensure the protection for the show and also for the performing artistes. The Union must ensure incident-free programs that involves its members,be it shows at the National theatres,nite clubs or in schools. The Ghana Music Awards organised by Charterhouse Company is gradually becoming the official music awards show that rewards deserving musicians for their immense contributions to the industry.

It is only appropriate that MUSIGA involves itself actively in the planning,organisation and even the selection of nominees for awards. So many shows are organised outside Ghana that contracts the services of Ghanaian musicians,and most of these guys gripe over paltry royalties and cheap hostels for accomodation. The Union has called for involvement in shows outside Ghana which uses its name and members, and it's a good move. It has also admonished fair treatment for Ghanaian performers both here and abroad and that's also an excellent call.

Lastly,MUSIGA should be organising fora for its members to sensitize them on management,organisation,production and the making of good songs. Long live


Source: ARNOLD ASAMOAH-BAIDOO,arniebaidoo@yahoo.co.uk