Tabloid News Thu, 23 Jun 2016

Mahama Does Not Fear For His Life; He Knows How To Handle Weapons - Relative

A very close relative of President John Dramani Mahama has dismissed a newspaper publication that he (the President) is afraid for his life.

The pro-NPP newspaper, DAILY GUIDE, on its front page of Tuesday, June 21, 2016 under the banner headline "Mahama Grabs Pistol" claimed that the President"...appears to be jittery about his personal safety in spite of the heavy security detail he has at his disposal 24 hours a day as he has requested for a pistol to protect himself"

In a chat with this paper, the very close relative rubbished the story saying the newspaper might as well be referring to another Mahama and not President John Dramani Mahama.

"President Mahama does not fear for his life. He knows how to handle weapons. He is a marksman and learnt to shoot from an early age when he worked on his father's commercial rice farms in the North. The President carries a gun scar on his cheek from when he and one of his brothers were synchronizing a gun scope as he writes in his book My First Coup d'Etat"

The very close relative also said if it is true the President has acquired a pistol (as the newspaper is alleging), there is nothing wrong with it since any Ghanaian with no criminal record and of sound mind can acquire and license a gun for good reasons. He therefore referred to the DAILY GUIDE's story as mischievous and a much ado about nothing

Source: dailypost