Entertainment Thu, 13 Feb 2014

Majid says that Ghana has no movie industry?

Award winning actor Majid Michel has left many movie enthusiasts wondering and confused as to what he really meant by ‘there is no Ghollywood, it’s only Nollywood’ comment on HITZ, a program on ONTV, an entertainment channel which operates under Sound City TV in Nigeria.

Reports coming in from Nigeria has it that the Ghanaian actor who is known for his lover boy roles declared on the said program that there is nothing like Ghollywood as some Ghanaians have claimed but there is only Nollywood in Africa and that it was Nigeria that came up with the whole idea and made it a reality for others to follow.

Now questions being raised by some sources from Nigeria are ‘Does the movie industry in Ghana has a name or is there any industry at all that Ghanaians can boast of?


Was Majid right in his comments on the show? So where, from which movie industry at all did he (Majid) started his movie career if his comments was well understood?

Despite the hundreds of attempts and efforts to reach the popular Ghanaian actor to explain his comments passed on HITZ on OnTV have proved to be more or less impossible since his phone line fails to go through.

Source: Reagan Osarfo