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Medikal, Joey B are lazy and childish - Loggy Entertainment

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Tue, 13 Sep 2016 Source: zionfelix.net

Zionfelix.net hours ago reported that rapper Medikal wants police to arrest an event organised called Papa Loggy for failing to pay him after performing at his concert in Sunyani.

Papa Loggy of Loggy Entertainment and his team promised to react to the issue with a press statement and true to their words, their official statement is out.

Read the unedited narration from Papa Loggy’s end below:

The office of Loggy Entertainment attention has been drawn to Facebook post by rapper Medikal a few hours ago declaring Papa Loggy wanted and that whoever finds and provides him will be given a reward of GHC5000.

Loggy Entertainment presents you the full story as it happened.

Joey B contacted Loggy Entertainment to put together a three city show for him after observing our works with other artistes. The shows were to be played at Techiman, Berekum and Sunyani. Our outfit was to bare the entire cost of the shows. Proceeds from the event was agreed to be split on a 60/40 percentage. 60% for organizer – Loggy Entertainment and 40% for Artiste – Joey B. In the course of preparations towards the shows, Medikal’s involvement popped up and he became part of the show. So Loggy Entertainment and Joey B agreed to make Joey B and Medikal the headline artistes for the 3 shows.

Initial dates for the events were fixed to be 1st, 2nd and 3rd of September but Joey B who was out of town at the time suggested that the dates be pushed ahead. So new dates 9th 10th and 11th were fixed for the three cities respectively.

Loggy Entertainment took care of traveling expenses, accommodation, publicity, promotion, welfare,venue, logistics and production cost. Interviews were arranged to enable the headline artistes promote the events in each city.

When the time came for Joey B and Medikal to set off from Accra to Techiman on thursday, both artistes made excuses and failed to arrive at Techiman. Flights arrangements were changed to enable them arrive on Friday morning 9am at Kumasi. Medikal made it to Kumasi early Friday morning leaving Joey B in Accra.

He later arrived around 2:30pm at Kumasi Airport. We got to Techiman at about 5pm and could only attend one interview out of the lots lined up for us.

Unfortunately, it rained heavily that night so we cancelled the show. We did not earn a penny from Techiman.

On the 10th, we set off to Berekum. Upon arrival, Medikal and Joey B refused to attend interviews to promote their own show. Not even social media update to promote the show. They kept on giving excuses and spent majority of their time on their phones. Eventually we staged the Berekum show which saw low turn out. We made just GHC5,550 gate proceeds which we split into 60/40 percentage. Joey and Medikal got their 40% share.

Then we moved on to Sunyani the following day for the final show at Tyco pool side. Over there, we had to pay GHC4000 for the venue. Loggy Entertainment made a deposit of GHC2000 and staged the event. We were only able to make Ghc 1500 at the gate which we used to make part payment of the remaining GHC2000. We eventually had to leave the venue and head to Kumasi that evening because Medikal had been billed to perform on Lil Win’s show that same night. Even though we all agreed to move to Kumasi and leave the Tyco pool side show for the venue owner to handle, Joey B and Medikal on our way, returned to the venue to perform with the excuse of satisfying their fans. We weren’t happy with that move and we expressed our displeasure. Even though we lost at the show, Loggy Entertainment still went ahead to give Joey and Medikal their 40% of the GHC1500.

We continued to Kumasi leaving Joey B and Medikal in Sunyani. It was in Kumasi that Joey B sent us a message asking us not to play smart on them with their money. Not long after that Medikal also sent us a message on WhatsApp threatening to go public that we have duped them. Loggy Entertainment tried to explain things to calm them down but Medikal went ahead to first come public with the issue.

Loggy Entertainment wish to state that, we did our side of the bargain and did not in any way dupe or run away with Medikal’s money like he is saying. We paid for all his expenses including Joey B. It was their own laziness, childish behavior and refusal to promote their own show that cost us the lost. Loggy Entertainment invested over Ghc40,000 into the events which we didn’t make up to Ghc10,000. We wish to let the entire public know that we owe Medikal nothing and call on the media and general public to disregard his claims. We still hold on to our high earned status as one of the best promotion outfits in the country and would not do anything to destroy our reputation.

Signed: Loggy Entertainment

Source: zionfelix.net