Entertainment Thu, 27 Jul 2017

Mediocre actors shouldn’t ignorantly take sides in disputes among actors – Kafui Danku

Chief Executive Officer of ABC Pictures, Kafui Danku has expressed concern over how the media takes interest in labeling actors as being at loggerheads with each other.

The actress cum producer who was displeased about her recent publication by the media with regards to how she finds it hard to exchange pleasantries with colleague actors when they meet and that she wants to turn on a new leaf said it was taken out of context.

According to her, the many assumed controversies in the industry should not create enmity among actors but rather to unite them.

She noted that other actors who are not classified as A-list actors jump into such disputes ignorantly to take sides making it turn more unpleasant.

“When I’m talking about Top actors, I’m not talking any mediocre actor, I’m using the word TOP actors as a case study and not any mediocre actor so please if you want to talk about our controversies take our top actors into consideration,” Kafui Danku said during a live section on her YouTube Vlog Channel. Kafui Danku urged colleague actors to focus on reviving the ailing movie industry to help build a better country.

“It’s been really a tough time the whole year… for instance, 2017 is almost ended and there are just about two or three cinema movies that the industry can boast about… Yeah, just two or three like Keteke, a very awesome and beautiful film that even got us a lot of nominations so, at the end of the day, it’s all about building the industry which will build our country. I believe as actors we represent our nation everywhere we go so when things are not going on well, everybody should get involve and get it done. I receive emails and messages on social media and whatsapp messages that people are interested in acting everyday.. there is no day I don’t receive such messages and I want to be sure that my colleagues also receive such messages but it’s declining if we don’t build it how is it going to exist. It will not be affecting us right now but our generation who would want to be actors,” Kafui Danku added. She talked about her new movie as one that will enlighten the public on so many things.

“I’ll be happy if we can all come together and build the industry. I’m looking forward to producing a new movie… things have not been smooth but I’ve been working behind the scene putting things together for a beautiful story I want to tell, a story that will affect a lot of lives, a story that a lot of people can relate to, a story that would open our minds to so many things we don’t know about, It has a lot of education apart from just entertaining so hopefully this year I would work on that but until then I would urge companies and my colleagues to come on board and support us… that is my plea it’s quite simple though there’s a lot to talk about.”

Source: kasapafmonline.com