Meet Ghana's first Dancehall artiste to own seven houses, charge $100,000 for a show

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Sat, 15 Oct 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Shatta Wale has disclosed that he brags on the wealth and height he has attained in the Ghanaian music industry because he has been able to rise above the setbacks and sabotage attempts by persons in the industry.

Although many have termed him as a braggart, Shatta submits that his achievements separate him from the lots in the industry.

The award-winning Dancehall artiste has conferred on himself two major records that he single-handedly broke.

The first is being the only Ghanaian musician to own seven houses dotted across the country. According to him, all this was made possible through his sweat, hard work and in-depth knowledge of the music business.

Secondly, the leader of the Shatta Movement, prides himself as the only artiste who has charged 100,000 dollars for a show performance.

He boasts that organizers know his worth and for that reason and that he only mounts stages to perform when he is satisfied that his financial demands are met.

"I have bought seven houses, yes I have seven houses. I am the only artiste in Ghana that has been able to charge shows 100,000 dollars in a row. Nobody and I won't lie...the first AfroNation they did in Ghana, the first time, they paid me $100,000 in cash.

"Sadiq's Wildaland I got paid 120,000 dollars. If the artistes wonna know, I want to tell them...Cardi B that show they came to do in Ghana, I got another 100,000 dollars. I took the money I didn't go because the contract me and them signed, they violated so that is how the thing came. It was a nice agreement. So if I tell you I have been able to make 300,000 in shows in Ghana, somebody will sit there and say I dey brag...people shouldn't see the brand Shatta Wale as one who wants to do business like any other person," Shatta Wale disclosed in an interview with Giovani Caleb on Showbiz360, Friday, October 14.

According to Shatta, he loves to talk about his riches to encourage others, especially the youth. The celebrated singer also took the opportunity to clear his name after years of being judged wrongly.

"Sometimes I want to motivate people with this because it's been so long and people have been trying to paint me bad," he said.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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