Music Mon, 19 May 2008

Meet Vibrators of the Earth Dance Ensemble

VibratorsPeople have taken pleasure in this kind of retreating and heartwarming entertainment anytime Vibrators of the Earth Dance Ensemble make a cultural appearance in villages, art centers, social gatherings or concerts.

Vibrators of the Earth Dance Ensemble represent traditional West African style of singing, drumming, and dancing in Africa.

Vibrators of the Earth Dance also teach local songs not forgetting the drumming and dancing that accompanies the songs.

Vibrators of the Earth Dance Ensemble are made of men and young girls from Ghana and mostly of different tribes and languages, but all live permanently in Ghana.


“The group is well known on the African continent for performance of professional cultural display. Our group is made up of seasoned musicians, dancers, cultural performers, acrobatics performers, drummers and many others, the leader said.

One thing that one will always notice about them is that they are always showcase Africa’s rich culture. “We are committed to preserving customary African music dance”, a female member said.

Their undeniable piece has led to many high institutions recommending them for performance on many stages. They are presently looking forward to establish affiliations and participate in international shows and festivals all around the world to also raise the flags of Ghana high.

Source: ghanamusic.com