Men are not scared to propose to me – Afia Pokuaa

Mon, 13 May 2019 Source: mynewsgh.com

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Broadcast Journalist with Accra-based Adom FM, Afia Pokuaa otherwise known ‘Vim Lady’ has debunked claims that men are scared of proposing marriage to her because they consider her a tough woman.

She disclosed that she dates men and that she is easily approachable.

Allaying fears that she’s not getting a man to marry because of her toughness, she revealed that the men are in a queue and they enjoy conversations with her.

According to her, men who come in contact with her always fall for her intelligence saying her secrets always stay in the bosom of men due to the rapport she has with them.

The tough-talking journalist revealed she’s always tickled when she engages in intellectual discourse with men adding that she doesn’t fancy men with money or good looks.

Vim Lady said she enjoys dating men with strong mental ability and not those who are easily walked over.

Refuting claims that her feminist posture and toughness scare men away, she said men who don’t have confidence are not able to propose her.

‘I’m tough, a man should also be tough, I go out with men, what tickles me about a man is intellectual discourse, you should be mentally strong up there. You should be able to challenge me, you be mentally strong than me, you shouldn’t be walked over, from ten years you are tough. Men are not scared of me they enjoy conversations with me, I used to be a Tomboy, the men are never afraid of me, the men are there,’ she said.

She explained that since she is not the most beautiful person on earth, mental strength is her weapon which she uses to her advantage.

She admitted that some men are crazy about her because of her strong mental ability.

‘My toughness is my weapon, I didn’t create myself, I’m not the most beautiful woman, so everything God gives me I build myself, even growing up I didn’t think I was beautiful, I comot am long ago, so mine is mental strength, how to build that and use that as my advantage, the beauty I didn’t get some, so a man has to be better mentally than me and challenge me, and say Afia sit down, but I won’t so you have to give me reasons why I should and then I become weak and I sit,’ she said on Hitz FM monitored by MyNewsGh.com

Afia Pokuaa stated that she will marry when she’s happy saying she doesn’t want to rush into a premature marriage that will go sour within some few years.

‘I want to marry, but I don’t want to marry when I’m not happy, if I’m going to the altar today and a problem emerges, I will walk off,’ she stressed.

Afia Pokua explained that she became strong at the age of ten years because they were trained not to allow people bully them by taking what belongs to them.

Asked if the ring she is wearing was a gift from a man, she revealed she bought it herself but will not keep mute when the time for her marriage comes on.

Source: mynewsgh.com