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Men are wiser today, they won't marry for free - Opanin Kwadwo Kyere

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Men have become shrewder today such that a man will not marry a lady if he sees any trace of mediocrity or laziness in her, in other words, a man will not marry a woman with beauty but no ‘brains’; this is the observation by renowned marriage counsellor, Opanin Kwadwo Kyere.

According to him, the days where men would willingly marry a woman considering her beauty and the likes are in the past; men in present day look beyond appearance for a woman who is intelligent and makes a conscious effort to improve herself in life such that she can also support her husband whenever the need arises.

“Your mother and father out of the very little they had, struggled to get you into Prempeh College, you didn’t pass, You went to Presec Legon, you didn’t pass, which school will you go to and pass? Out of their struggle, they sent you to Wesley Girls High School Cape Coast, you didn’t pass, and all you keep saying is “I’m a woman, a man will marry me”, men today are wiser, they won’t marry for free, regardless of how beautiful you are, if I see that my marrying you will bring me problems, I won’t.”

He admonished women to be ambitious, to strive to attain greatness and excellence also so as to avoid over dependency on the men in marriage particularly when the men are making an effort to support them to make it in society.

“Nothing is more frustrating than a man and woman wishing to prosper either the spouse or a child, son or daughter but they won’t pull their weight.

“You can’t exert all the weight on your spouse, expecting him to provide everything, you’ve got to sit down and study.”

He also chided young men who exploit ladies desperate for marriage and have sex with them knowing very well that they have no intents whatsoever of settling down with them.

“And for the lady if you leave yourself, he will still sleep with you, even in the sex act he knows he won’t marry you, wicked young men, why do you do that?”, he quizzed.

Opanin Kwadwo Kyere was addressing the congregation at a marriage seminar at the Ringway Assemblies of God Church in Accra.

Opanin Kwadwo Kyere among other things, spoke against pre-marital sex and abortion. He listed them as key factors that account for infertility and barrenness in women and which eventually brings unhappiness in most marriages. He urged the youth to abstain indulging in sex before marriage in the name of ‘enjoying wealth’ and ‘having fun’ at the expense of one’s future and marriage.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com