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Men who are good in bed don’t talk about it, it’s the weak ones that brag – Agradaa

36347927 Evangelist Patricia Oduro popularly known as ‘Nana Agradaa’

Sat, 18 Mar 2023 Source: zionfelix.net

The General Overseer of the Heaven Way Champion International Ministry, Evangelist 'Mama Pat' also known as Nana Agradaa has shared her opinion about men who usually brag about their sexual prowess.

According to her, it was only 'novices' who go around boasting of their sexual capabilities, particularly after an encounter with a woman.

“I am telling you the fact that any man who goes round telling others they slept with another woman and had three rounds or ten rounds is only lying. These men are impotent,” she pointed out.

Agradaa who was condemning the activities of these loudmouth men on social media was of the view that the real men who were actually good in bed were silent on the matter.

Buttressing her point, she made reference to her husband as one who has a calm personality but is a 'beast' in bed.'

“The men who can power like my husband, Akwasi Koranteng…the men who do the real job are silent,” she said.

She, however, advised women to be very careful of these unscrupulous men and ward off their sexual proposals in a now viral Facebook live video.

Source: zionfelix.net
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