Entertainment Thu, 6 Dec 2018

Mike Cooke predicts growth for Ghana music industry in 2019

Chairperson of the recently held Ghana Music Industry Stakeholders forum, Mike Cooke has predicted that the industry would see significant growth in 2019 now that all the players are aligned on what we need to do to grow the industry.

The forum which was hosted by MultiChoice Ghana brought together key stakeholders from the industry who discussed the formation of an umbrella organization that could speak with one voice and draw up policy to deal with issues impacting the industry as songwriters, promoters, distributors and collecting agencies.

During the discussions, it was agreed that there was the need to form a Ghana Music Industry umbrella organization. A steering committee under the leadership of Mike Cooke which was drawn from the leadership of various stakeholders was formed with the task of developing a road map for consideration by stakeholders.

Most participants expressed their joy about the finally having the opportunity to engage with other players in the sector and thought a platform to engage with other vital role players in the industry was way overdue. Others were confident that with the key players coming together the industry will now see the long awaited growth with the tremendous creative and technological opportunities being discussed.

Source: Benjamin Kwame Tawiah