Entertainment Thu, 31 Mar 2011

Mimi Goes 'Mad'!!!

Ghana’s representative at the Season 3 of the famed reality show Big Brother Africa, Wilhelmina Andani better known in show-biz as Mimi exhibited quite an outlandish behaviour which some believed bordered on 'madness' on the evening of Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at ShipHouse, Abeka Junction, the new premises of PeaceFM.

She was also unlucky to have fallen in a group of journalists when she drove all the way from Dansoman to showcase her rather uncouth behaviour. Her mission: to drum home sense into the head of ace broadcaster, Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey of OkayFM 101.7, a sister station of Peace FM, following what she claims to be spurious allegations made against her person on the station's Drive-time programme dubbed “Ekwanso dwodwo”.

Dressed in a skimpy straight black dress, Mimi aggressively stormed into the reception of Peace FM where over ten press men from different media houses who had come to cover the official announcement of the FAMOUS 5, were seated. She, to the astonishment of everybody present, yelled insistently, demanding to 'see Abeiku Santana, host the show, or she would pass the night at the station'.

Regardless of the presence of media men who had their recorders and cameras capturing every moment, Mimi went berserk as she shouted at the top of her voice and whiles throwing her hands and legs about like a possessed fetish priest chanting incantations, virtually pushed away almost everyone who attempted to calm her down.

According her, Abeiku Santana and Ohenenana Kwame Amo (Barman) had alleged on the speculative segment on the drive- time programme “Akika akika”, that she (Mimi) was indebted to a businessman to the tune of GH¢350; by crediting clothes which she had refused to pay.

“Ooooo!!! Leave me alone. I don’t like that. You people sit here and you say “Nkwasiasem” (stupid things) about me on radio. Where is Abeiku Santana; he should come out and identify my creditor...Why didn’t he call me to verify? Even if it is true, what right does he have to say it on radio?” Mimi fumed.


After raving and ranting for several minutes, radio presenter, Deloris Afia Frimpong-Manso popularly known as Delay of Oman FM who drove Mimi to Peace FM in her white Toyota 4WD, walked in to plead with her to let matters by, but she vehemently refused.

“Mimi, lets go...please stop what you are doing and let’s go please, you are dragging my name in the mud! Some people might assume that because i walked in with you then I'm the one being a bad influence on you; please stop shouting and let’s go; you are destroying your image,” Delay pleaded with Mimi.

But Mimi simply told Delay off and kept on screaming for Abeiku Santana to show his face "if he was man enough".

"...you (Delay), i even believe you're conspiring with Peace FM to destroy me...but you don't about the fact people might think you are a bad influence on me because i'm already a spoilt brat," she said to Delay.

Not even the Front Desk Executive's explanation that Abeiku left the station just after his programme ended would calm Mimi down.


“Nkwasiesem, if I say I am releasing information about him on another radio station, will he be happy? I am not going anywhere..why is he not coming out? Will he sleep in the studio? Then we will all sleep here. The guy who read that stupid news item where is he? He should come out and face me. Even that person who read the news does not wear clothes made in China and he is saying I've a penchant for made in china attire? Stupid man! He should come out and tell me who gave him that news. Nkwasiesem, next time he should broaden his horizon by going to a Journalism school (to know more about the profession). You sit on radio and start talking ‘shit’ about people. I don’t care about any image. My image has already been tainted that I bought made in China goods on credit? What image again do i have?...I know what I'm about...I am a 28 year old girl, I have a mind of my own, I have a Masters Degree...no-one here (referring to the journalists) is more qualified more than me. Nkwasiasem!”

A clearly angry Mimi kept going on and on...until she felt she had expressed herself well enough before jumping into Delay's car.

But, before she left, peacefmonline.com gathers that Delay assembled all the press men from Ghanacelebrities.com, Ghanaweb, Ghanamusic.com, Flex Newspaper, P&P, The Enquirer, Daily Guide, News One and other media houses who were all witnesses to Mimi’s foul-language spectacle and advised them not to publish anything in connection with the bizarre display, or should they decide to write about it, her (Delay's) name must not be included in the story.

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/Peacefmonline.com/Ghana