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Moesha is right but it is a choice - Stacy Amewoyi

Stacy Amewoyi Right Stacy Amewoyi

Fri, 13 Apr 2018 Source: Boamah Dorcas

Actress Moesha Boduong after her interview on CNN has thrown Ghana, especially the today’s woman into a total frenzy. With most views coming from different angles, Stacy Amewoyi, a philanthropist and an entrepreneur also has her say.

Stacy disputes the fact that, all women in Ghana has been put under that umbrella but believes, Moesha’s statement is actually happening to almost a half section of the female population in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

“Yes, it’s happening but truth is, it’s a choice whether to fall prey to it or bring out the woman in you. Being a woman doesn’t only have to do with the sex organs but the strength to pull out of a situation victorious devoid of negative scandals.” She disclosed.

The philanthropist hinted sex for jobs and high rate of rent are undisputed facts that drive most women into these unwholesome activities.

“The laws are not working; the Government must sit up. The men at higher positions go after these young girls and even married women to demand sex before given a job. But what in God’s name does a house in Ghana be rented out in dollars?” she quizzed.

Yet Stacy believes there’s always a way out in situations like this. She says the fact that this is happening should never create a room for a woman today to solely rely on a man or sex to be able to survive in a country as Ghana.

“I’ve always been there and I know most women have as well been there. But how we handle the situation makes the difference. I know Ghanaian women with myself included who have made it out of scratch. Whiles some sleep in uncompleted buildings others go on empty stomachs just to achieve what they want through the right means.” She indicated.

She continued, “I get hurt whenever issues of this sort come up because it demeans the honorable woman. The hardship didn’t start yesterday, therefore living within your means is everything. There is no greater joy than working with your very hands to fend for yourself. It even brings respect when you are seen as hardworking which keeps your dignity in touch.”

Stacy added the morals and ethics of the African culture frowns a lot on this and it is a wakeup call to the young ladies out there to be able to be content with what they have and coming out of their shells boldly to reach out for what they want through the right means.

“The African woman today, besides reaching for higher heights in education, thrives very much in owning for herself what she deserves. By reason of this, we have had most women doing well in male dominated areas and if its sex or a man most ladies believe would elevate their standard of living then we have a long way to go and it is about time we erased that mentality.” She concluded.

Profile of Stacy

Stacy M. Amewoyi is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur who hails from Dzita in the Volta Region of Ghana. She had her primary and junior high education at the North 6 primary school at Bubiashie and Kaneshie North 2 in Accra.

Stacy also attended Second Image International and Allure College as a beauty therapist. In the USA, she attended Tyco Integrated Security of Aviation Newark New Jersey.

She is putting together her autobiography titled pity sexy, which in details, reveals all the struggles of an orphan who by grace have been lifted to an unexpected stage.

The autography will be launched in August this year and all enquires and suggestions can be forwarded to this address; P. O. Box 3740, Elizabeth, New Jersey 07207. Or like the Pity Sexy page on Facebook, Pity_Sexy on Twitter and Instagram for more details.

Stacy M. Amewoyi is a security officer at the Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey America.

Source: Boamah Dorcas
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