Music Wed, 23 Feb 2011

My Life Has No Secrets – Mugees of R2Bs

It is one thing to speculate a rumor, and it is another to propagate a worthless and absurd story. The media in Ghana has come of age and should act as a matured institution. The days where anything at all could be said with no substantiative evidence to back it is far overdue.

The Spectator Newspaper on Saturday, the 29th of January, Page 15, posted an article concerning, member of music group R2Bs, Mugees saying he vomits money. This is totally insane. Nobody is ruling out the possibility of the so called “vomiting phenomena”, all we are saying is, Ghana is tired of the outbreak of unjustified and seemingly “stupid” stories with no evidence whatsoever, just total speculations and malignant lies.

Quame Junior spoke to the music maker and he had this to say: “My life has no secrets and Jah(God) knows that!” , the TEMA hit maker seemed untroubled by the accusation and still had his head held up, delighted in the work he was doing at the time of the interview. “My passion is to make good music for the people of Ghana and that is exactly what I would do, they can hate all they want, Jah (God) is my guide”.


TV3 also joined the train this past weekend when they put the news out through their new celebrity gossip show. It is easy to point the finger when you are not in the spotlight, but daunting someone’s hard earned reputation is total cruelty and wholesomely unjust.

The truth would ultimately win and the people would be the ultimate judges, no matter what, no one has the right to accuse somebody without cause and evidence, more so when he/she is a celebrity. The nonsense must stop!

Source: quami junior