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My parents are divorced - Ebony

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Mon, 27 Nov 2017 Source: ghpage.com

The 20-year-old musician, Ebony Reigns has said she did not live with her mother but grew up staying with her dad because her parents are divorced.

The dancehall musician has been widely criticized for her style of dressing and in most of her stage performances.

The issue of Ebony’s indecent exposure has become a topic of discussion since she rose to fame.Gospel songstress, Celestine Donkor due to that wrote an open letter to advise her on how she dresses.

Nonetheless, a popular Ghanaian journalist, Kwame Tutu called on event organizers to blacklist the dancehall artiste.He went on to question her upbringing and the constant disgrace she is giving to womanhood.

However, that opened the debate and the talks over her upbringing, which to some is the main cause or the reason why keeps exposing herself.

“My mom is in the UK.I am closer to my dad because I lived with him more.I don’t know when my mother traveled but I lived with my dad.I grew up seeing my mom but she only comes and goes.I don’t even know the age I was when she traveled to the UK.” She stated.

Speaking of her parent’s separation, she continued that, she was very young when they got divorced.

Ebony, in an interview with Delay on ‘The Delay’, seems to have affirmed the notion that, the ‘lack of proper upbringing’ has resulted in what we see her do today.

According to the ‘fumbling’ Ebony when speaking about her mom indicated that she lived with her dad when growing up and couldn’t even remember exactly when her mom left them.

In 2015,Ebony decided music is the new deal for her. She managed to get the WhatsApp contact of Ricky Nana Agyemang known in showbiz as Bullet ( Ruff N Smooth).

Ebony recorded herself singing and sent it took Bullet for help. According to Bullet, he was captivated when he heard the young girl's voice.

So he immediately called Ebony and signed her unto his Ruff Town Records and later signed her also unto Mediastouch Inc (Owned Gatdoe)

Watch an excerpt from that interview below

Source: ghpage.com
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