Mzbel Denies Assaulting Police Officer

Mon, 6 Jun 2011 Source: joy fm

Hiplife artiste, Mzbel has denied media reports that she assaulted a police officer, Sunday. Several newspaper publications Monday morning alleged that Mzbel attacked the uniformed police officer, accusing him of crossing the path of her moving vehicle.

The musician and two others were reported to have deliberately run their Mitsubishi 4x4 vehicle with registration number GR 9470-11 into the policeman who fell on the bonnet of the vehicle. They then sped off and drove for a distance, with the policeman still hooked dangerously on the bonnet while eyewitnesses screamed at the horror of what was happening.

Their vehicle was eventually forced to stop when it was crossed by a private security van. Police sources said when Mzbel got out of the Mitsubishi, she started yelling at the cop, claiming he had no right to cross their way. The musician got more physical and held the uniformed policeman by the neck in an attempt to strangle him while pushing a clenched fist in his face but onlookers rushed to the rescue of the policeman.

Reports said when Mzbel realized she had fallen foul of the law, she started wailing, claiming to have been assaulted by the policeman instead, reports the News One newspaper.

But the musician, known in private life as Nana Akua Amoah, denies this.

She told Joy News her personal assistant was sitting in the driver’s seat after the driver had got out to pick something and the police appeared asking for the driver’s license – thinking the person sitting in the seat was the driver.

“I told them that he was not the driver and the driver came in, provided his license and the other policeman instructed us to go. As soon we moved the car the other one dived on the bonnet of the car so we stopped. I rolled down [my glass] to ask him why he did that and he grabbed my driver’s suit struggling with him,” she explained.

She accused the police of assaulting her personal assistant and her driver. Mzbel also told Joy News the police acted in an unusual manner – jubilating and rejoicing the mistreatment meted to her, her driver and PA - and later rushed to the media to tell lies.

Source: joy fm