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Mzbel discloses how someone tried to sabotage her ‘Afrochella gig’

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Thu, 12 Jan 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Ghanaian singer, Mzbel, has recalled an instance where an acquaintance tried to prevent her from participating in the 2022 Afrochella festival.

According to the veteran singer, organizers of the concert tried to reach her through the said person, but none of their information got to her.

Mzbel said she wasn’t privy about the details of the gig until about two weeks before the event when organizers were compelled to reach out after the delay in feedback.

She said after a thorough conversation with the organizers who pulled out evidence to buttress the point that they reached out through a third party, it was realized that there was a deliberate attempt to sabotage her.

“The person through which Afrochella contacted me tried to sabotage me. From what I’ve heard, that person nearly prevented me from performing on stage. He didn’t want me to. The person was close to me. When he was contacted, he gave out my email address and every other important information but never informed me. I was kept in the dark until a few weeks to the concert. When the call came through, the organizers asked if I am not interested because they didn’t hear from me since they sent out the message.

“They said they wanted to finalize their budget and that they were calling to ask if I’m interested or not. They mentioned the name of the person they relayed the information through and when I asked him, he said he doesn’t know anything about it. He said, he doesn’t even know what Afrochella is. But I informed the organizers and they forwarded all the emails and messages they sent to him to me. I showed it to him and he was ashamed. Because of all these, we couldn’t make changes and chose what we want for better performance,” she stated in an interview with Barima Kakyire Agyemang

To her, these factors contributed immensely to her poor performance at the concert.

“I told them I wanted live band because for some years now, miming doesn’t work for me. We told the organizers and they said its late for that that’s why I was compelled to mime on stage. If details of the gig had gotten to me on time, I would have performed better with live band,” she stated.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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