Entertainment Tue, 15 Nov 2005

Mzbel's Report Is Bogus

The fact-finding committee that investigated the Mzbel assault presented their thoughts of the incident and then call it a report.I suspected nothing better will emanate from that investigation when it was overseen by some five students under the guise of some Social Science Students Organisation, when it was expected that such a disreputing incident would be presided over by some responsible lecturers or Professors.The flippant report accused Mzbel and her dancers for some negative acts that might have elicited that response from those toddlers.

Let me state categorically that,Mzbel is an entertainer and whatever she's paid to do,she must give it her all just like any other professional.The artiste was even clad in trousers during the show,but whatever she wore, those dullards had no right whatsoever to assault the lady.I hardly could believe my sense of sight when I read the sort of sanctions meted out to the culprits.Are we punishing them or emboldening them to commit more of such felonies? How can the committee recommend for the three students to render humanitarian services,sign a simple bond, strip them off positions in school and post their pictures on notice boards?

The sanctioning is a crap and a frill.A student who misconducts himself by stripping and opening his anus wide to the audience(I'm quoting the Showbiz Reporter,Chris Nunoo)should face punitive measure than just the signing of a bond and the rendering of some humanitarian whatever.Those unscrupulous students must be rusticated to serve as a deterrent to others.The infuriating aspect of that report was their resolution for 'decent artistes' to be invited for future programs.They should tell me who a decent artiste is and who isn't.

Is it the one who has suggestive lyrics in the song but wears a tie to perform or what? Those guys know nothing about decency and that's why they can't handle the problem of indecent dressing in their school. That brings me to another report by Mr. Nanabanyin Dadson,the editor of Graphic Showbiz, who went to Lisbon to cover the MTV Europe Music Awrads courtesy of Metro TV. He made it in time to watch the Miss Malaika Pageant,which afforded him the chance to chide Mzbel and her dancers for their dressing in his editorial on 10th November.Thanks to Metro TV,we also had the privilege of watching Madonna perform in Lisbon of which Mr. Dadson described her peformance as rollicking but failed to describe in detail how the woman was dressed. Madonna was literally naked on that stage with only a pantie on, but Mr. Dadson only branded it as skimpy,yet he was quick to gripe and chastise the attire of Mzbel and decribed it as degrading.

The Editor also admonished the Lady to balance her vision on herself on stage and the social environment in which she performs. What social environment is Mr. Dadson talking about?

Is it the environment where we watch obscene foreign and local music videos on our TV,or the one where the ladies dress indecently on our campuses or maybe the one where students are applauded for assaulting a performing artiste? I rest my case.

Source: ARNOLD ASAMOAH-BAIDOO,arniebaidoo@yahoo.co.uk