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NAM1 has a beautiful soul – Kumi Guitar

Kumi Guitar Disheartning Ghanaian highlife musician Kumi Guitar

Tue, 3 Nov 2020 Source: classfmonline.com

Ghanaian highlife musician Kumi Guitar has described Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of defunct gold-trading company, Menzgold Ghana Limited, Nana Appiah Mensah as a person with a beautiful soul.

The musician was speaking on the Class Drive (CD) on Class91.3FM on Monday, November 2, 2020.

The ‘Betweener’ singer, who confirmed being in Adisadel College with NAM 1 told show host Prince Benjamin that: “When I met him earlier, the first time he phoned me that he would wish that we work together, my little boy wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t even tell him about it, he phoned me and noticed in my voice that there’s something wrong. He said 'speak to me, what’s wrong?'; 'I’m like don’t worry,' he said 'oh come on, we’re brothers,' I’m like oh my boy is not well and I took pictures of him and I sent to him. He had this rash all over him, everywhere.

“Then, I had lost my taxi, my engine, everything, things were down, he asked me to come over and he gave me money to take care of my boy, I mean I was surprised and I’ve seen him do things for people who need something. I’ve seen him give gifts out.”

He further described NAM 1 as a beautiful soul although the musician explained that he may not know the Menzgold CEO entirely.

“I might not know him entirely...but the few that I’ve seen, knowing him this few times, and knowing him back in school for a minute, I’ll say that he’s a beautiful soul, he’s somebody who wouldn’t take a poor man’s something to enrich himself, no. I don’t know him to be that way,” he added.

The highlife musician also disclosed that he invested in defunct gold-trading company.

According to the musician, he had the confidence to invest in the defunct gold-trading firm, because the company existed for years without the authorities coming out to issue an alert to the public on its operations.

He further explained that as a man who wanted to live and live well, he had to invest for the future, and he chose to invest in Menzgold.

“For a while, there was nobody coming at it, it’s been in the system for four, five years and there was nothing wrong with it. Nobody has come to question it and I worked with the CEO on the other side in the other company.

“So there was no alarm or nothing or so ever to tell you to be careful to go and do anything or not to even invest there and I’m a hustler, I used to drive a taxi so if I have something little, I need to invest, every rich man invests. Everybody who is rich today or who is getting rich, I mean every man so long as you want to live and live well tomorrow, you invest in something,” he stated.

He is also of the opinion that all customers of the company would be paid their monies if it is possible.

“My belief is that if all things go well, knowing NAM1 personally, I don’t think he wants to owe anybody. Knowing him personally, I’m sure that if all things being equal, if things should go as planned or well, if it’s possible, he’ll sort out everybody,” the highlife artiste said.

Source: classfmonline.com
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