Music Sun, 18 Jan 2015

NEW: Another 'Dumsor' single hits town again

‘Oh no, not again!... Dumsor’ is certainly a popular phrase in Ghana!

UK-born-Ghanaian-bred music talent, wOne delivers the jargon in a witty and enthralling manner along a beat-pass-street rhythm.

The tune titled DUMSOR which means ‘on/off’ in Twi, a local Ghanaian language was premiered on the Starr Drive with Bola Ray.

According to wOne, this is the first song taken from his forthcoming self-styled mix tape ‘They call me wOne’ and he hopes it becomes a social anthem

“This is the first time the song is being played and it will travel across the country in no time I believe”.

Listen to the fascinating tune Dumsor.

Meet the man wOne

wOne - an African-European singer, songwriter, producer and creative social activist. wOne was a child refugee who fled the motherland under gunfire to safety in the UK. His dual heritage has led him on a personal journey out of Africa, to Europe, and back to Ghana, where he is now based. What does being African mean to wOne? By reclaiming the rhythms of his childhood, wOne has taken the time to master a new sound - a true combination of his African-European heritage, a mix of European harmony, African rhythm and Funk. wOne and his fans call it Afro Tech.

wOne produces all of his own music and is experimenting with the use of a mobile studio in Ghana. He just follows the musical vibe at markets, local bars, on the streets or at the beach. Even a hotel wardrobe worked well to record Ghanaian artist, Wanluv the Kubolor recently. wOne appreciates a wide spectrum of music and allows it to spill into his own music.

Reggae, Soul, Dance Music, Hip-hop, and World music have all played a part in inspiring wOne. You will find Bob Marley, Sia, Jay Z, Peter Gabriel, Lady Smith Black Mambaza, Michael Jackson and Coldplay on wOne’s play list An avid traveller, a passion ignited while touring the globe. America, Australia, New Zealand, and European and South East Asian nations all have stamps in wOne's passport. Sepeng, the formula One Racing circuit in Malaysia is a major caeer highlight - he performed to sell-out crowds of 50,000 people during a mass Dance music event.

He is in Ghana doing new projects and exploring opportunities in the motherland.

Source: Starrfmonline.com