Fashion Wed, 6 Feb 2019

Nallem launches 'NALLEM AY3 D3' campaign

Nallem Clothing Limited has launched a campaign under the theme “NALLEM AY3 D3”.

The Promotion intends to give customers discount of up to 60% on some selected items. The discount is effective from the love season through to the Easter festivity. The campaign is aimed at delighting customers with a shopping experience.

The NALLEM AY3 D3 campaign also seeks to make everyday life and occasion special for Nallem’s customers. The promotion will also offer variety of clothing lines and accessories to customers as well as increase brand awareness.

Nallem Clothing Ltd for the last 20 years has served customers across the globe with original, quality Afrocentric clothing, décor, art and creative furniture. Customers can shop online for their Afrocentric fashion clothes across the globe on NALLEMSTORE.COM

Every Nallem masterpiece is a guarantee of quality and elegance for all occasions, making Nallem a perfect gift that strengthens the essential bond of family and friendship. Nallem Clothing is an Afrocentric clothing line which has over the years combined elegance, creativity and style in producing garments for Urban Professionals.

NALLEM AY3 D3!!! Enjoy these exciting deals of UP TO 60% discount on selected items now! Visit our shops across the major malls in Accra or shop online @ NALLEMSTORE.COM

Source: nallemclothing.com