Entertainment Tue, 11 Apr 2017

Nana Quame calls for unity among highlife artistes

Highlife artiste Nana Quame has revealed to Flex newspaper the problem and challenges facing them as high life musicians.

According to Nana Quame, DJs, presenters and stakeholders, who command in the entertainment industry are ready and willing to help and also to promote Ghana’s high life music but the musicians are not helping themselves due to disunity among them.

Moreover, they are not working hard to make things done for the entertainment and this is creating a big a problem for them.

He added that high life artistes don’t follow trend but rather doing different things at a time. He said because after a high life music released a hit song to the music market, instead of other high life artistes to follow up the trend, they will be looking around for the song to fade out of the system before another high life musician will release a song.

This is not helping the DJ’s and presenters to promote high life but looking at other music genres, they do follow trend which is helping the DJ’s to promote them well.


He therefore continued that jealousy and greed among the musicians is why they even find it difficult to call for collaborations among themselves. He then gave examples like Kojo Antwi and Amakye Dede, these people are great musicians of all time in Ghana’s music industry and also a strong hole in high life music in Ghana and Africa at large but because of this disunity among them, they never did or thought of doing such a great thing which will raise the image of high life in Ghana.

The Guy Guy hit maker therefore asked Highlife musicians who are well known to release more singles and stop thinking about album’s for now. “That’s the best thing to promote their music and establish themselves well in the music industry. And also they should take out envy from them and do more collaborations as other musicians in different music genres are doing” he revealed.

Nana Quame commended Bisa K’dei as the current best high life musician in Ghana because now he is the only person who is pushing the music genre well and he therefore asked him to support the other colleagues by doing more collaborations with them to raise high life music in Ghana as well.

Finally, he advised the up and coming high life artistes to be very respectful to their elders in the game and also to be united unlike their predecessors.

Source: Flex Newspaper