Entertainment Sun, 14 Jan 2018

Negative comments made me a better actress – Maame Serwaa

Clara Benson popularly known in the movie industry as Maame Serwaa says some negative comments from people kept her on her toes as a young actress.

The teen actress disclosed that some Ghanaians doubted her ability and thought she would not last in the movie industry because she was too young for roles she played in the movies.

"Some went ahead to say, she was going to be a school dropout. All the negative comments from such people made me stronger and also encouraged me to stand firm in the business," she told Abeiku Santana on the ATUU show.

The actress hinted that in life if one permits negative comments from people to rule his or her life, it will definitely ruin the person’s life.

She advised that people should turn the negative comments into positive ones in order to live successful lives.

‘’I, Maame Serwaa, if I have completed JHS and SHS then it’s their negative words that made me accomplish that goal because when they said the negative words against me, I never allowed it to come to pass,’’ she maintained.

She further indicated that her haters play a key role in her life which made her stronger each day adding that her life becomes weak without them (haters).

Maame Serwaa lost her mother on December 7, 2017, in Kumasi.

She is the only female among her other two siblings.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com