Entertainment Mon, 23 May 2011

New Ghanaian social network aims to bring Ghanaians living everywhere together.

Social networking websites represent one of the most modern and versatile forms of communication around today. Imagine one website allowing people to share thoughts, ideas and activities whilst establishing new friendships and nourishing old alliances, and more importantly having fun, imagine if that website can be made more relevant and useful to the needs and aspirations of Ghanaians, imagine if that website can be used to grow Ghanaian businesses globally, with these simple thoughts, www.iamaghanaian.com is born.

Iamaghanaian.com is by far the coolest ever comprehensive social networking websites developed to serve the needs and aspiration of Ghanaians globally. Iamaghanaian.com users can set up profile with information about themselves, add pictures, videos, music, create fan pages and more. ‘Iamaghanaian.com' also provides a free integrated dating service through a unique feature called ‘Meet Me’ that deploys a matching system based on dimensions of compatibility proven to be the foundation for a long term relationship like character, intellect and values to help single people find love ones.

Having launched in London at the start of February, 2011 the website has been well received in the UK. Thousands of Ghanaians have signed-up and now use Iamaghanaian.com daily. “We’ve had a great response, far exceeding our most ambitious projections” he said. “Many Ghanaians have signed up already and people have been really intrigued with the website” said Chris, the company’s online security chief.

An interesting feature is the ‘Video Chat’, this is another aim to bring Ghanaians, their families and love ones closer together through an online “town square” worldwide.

At its core, www.iamaghanain.com also provides fresh news about Ghana. Another cutting edge feature is the Marketplace. This allows users to utilise Iamaghanaian.com to create own “web-stores” and set-up their own ecommerce businesses or promote their businesses and services. You can link your store to your bank account, sell and buy product directly. The system even does invoicing and other tax calculations for you.

To aid our growing democracy, strengthen freedom of speech and to improve news dissemination, Iamaghanaian.com has included on its websites a powerful citizen journalism tool called ‘Eyewitness”. Anyone from anywhere with access to a phone or computer can now write and report news from and for their community. Speaking to Stephen who regularly reports from Bolga, he said, “this is an awesome opportunity and a great tool for community development. I now have the power within my hands to help my community. Report news and incidents, talk about developments that are talking place to the world. “Accra mall on fire as I write...we are been evacuated” with this simple words, another user by name Layoff reported the outbreak of the Accra Mall fire on the 8th of March. Nana Kuffour another Eyewitness reporter on the same Accra Mall fire gave shocking details that no media house covered at the time. The project coordinator for Iamaghanaian.com gave details why they have incorporated Eyewitness, the citizen’s journalism tool into the website. She said, “we believe that looking at ‘news’ from different angles gives a deeper understanding of what is going on within and among Ghanaians across the globe. It could be from your community, school or campus, work place, region, church, mosque, events etc. Ghanaians are amazing and interesting people doing fascinating things that do not always make news. Eyewitness allows you to write and post any news”.

Frank Davids, the CEO of the website had this to say about www.iamaghanaian.com; www.iamaghanaian.com is an online community for spirited Ghanaians who want to explore their passion, keep in touch with friends, connect with other Ghanaians, share life experience, and most of all have fun. You’ll find members tapping www.iamaghanaian.com for information and inspiration 24/7” www.iamaghanaian.com can be easily access online anywhere and sign up easy and free. The mobile version is great too.

Future Plans Frank said the best is yet to come. “Our promise is to listen and constantly improve features on Iamaghanaian.com and provide users with a better user experience”. He said with the completion of their flagship ‘Fan page’ feature, musicians, politicians, students clubs and groups, old students associations, town and community groups and clubs, businesses, football clubs and their supporters unions, actors etc can now own their unique spaces on iamaghanaian.com to promote their business and services.

Checks revealed that some MPs and Ministers of states have started creating their own fan pages on the site to use as a tool to stay closely in touch and interact with their constituents especially those in the diasporas The company is also unveilings a CV bank for prospective job seekers. CV’s can be uploaded and employers can search for qualified candidates and publish their vacancies. Other features to look for are games, online tutorial feature for students and a mind blowing web casting feature. This is a website we want Ghanaians to be proud of.

Source: ameyaw debrah/ www.ameyawdebrah.com