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‘Next question’ – Salma declines to speak on her current relationship with Moesha

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Fri, 6 Nov 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Salma Mumuni has refused to speak on issues relating to her ‘fall-out’ with her ex-friend, Moesha.

Media personality, Abeiku Santana, during an interaction with her, sought to push for a 'make-up' between the two but Salma insisted that they focus on other issues instead.

Speaking on the AtuuTV show, Salma established that there is no need for smoking the peace pipe with Moesha adding that she is satisfied with the fact that they are no longer friends.

This is what ensued between Salma and Moesha during the interview

Abeiku: Moesha isn’t your friend at the moment. You told everyone this. I know she has wronged you in several ways but you are all sisters in this industry. Why don’t you make peace with her? For instance, Shatta and Stonebwoy were once enemies but they are now brothers. Why don’t you make peace with her?

Salma: Abeiku, next question.

Abeiku: I want peace and unity between the both of you.

Salma: Yes, I know and that is why I won’t answer your question. For the sake of peace. There is no need to talk about this.

Abeiku: Till when will you keep being at loggerheads with her? This world is nothing, it's vanity. Just make peace with her.

Salma: Abeiku, do you realize your platform is a very big one? That’s why I won’t use this opportunity to discuss beef. Let’s discuss important issues. Whatever happened between Moesha and me is in the past now. I’m happy with the way we are now. I don’t want this issue to keep popping up.

Watch the video below from the 24th minute, onwards

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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