Entertainment Sun, 30 Apr 2017

Nigerian jollof is simply rice mixed with oil with no salt – Actor John Dumelo

Actor John Dumelo has taken a swing at Nigerian jollof early this Saturday morning on twitter.

The perennial battle between the two nations over who has the best jollof never seems to have an end. O ut of the blue earlier today, Dumelo sent out a tweet attacking Nigerian jollof.

According to him, Nigerian ‘jollof’ is nothing but rice mixed with oil with no salt added. As far as John’s concerned – there’s only one winner in that debate.

“Ghanaians make the best jollof simple! Nigerians mix rice and oil with no salt and call it Jellef. So u see…..

— Mr Dumelo (@johndumelo1) April 29, 2017

Source: presspeep.com