Music Mon, 30 Jul 2007

No Tribe brings church songs to homes

Everywhere you turn nowadays, No Tribe have songs are there. Speaking to the mastermind behind the whole project, Nacy said our sole aim is to bring the church into homes. Every true Christian seeks to bring the audience to God.

No Tribe made up of Nacy and Lord Osei, who sang solely for the glory of God have titled the album, “The Altar”.

Nacy (Nana Osei) continues that it was God’s own way of bringing them (No Tribe) together for the praise and worship album.

Bernice Ansah, Elizabeth, Annoited Queens, Vida, Frankie and many more who have been under Nacy’s tutelage helped in the making of this soul inspiring album.

Gradually they will be touted as the biggest-selling male gospel group in history and their album is almost clocking 3, 000 units since it was released two weeks ago and climbing the music charts amazingly.

“We’re responsible for bringing people to Christ, singing songs that will stir up the spirit in people,” says Nacy.


New fans of No Tribe will expect exactly what the title suggests from the new album - a lyrically stronger and more inventive sound not forgetting the live instrumentation. The 23-track CD largely produced by Nacy has songs like ‘Enyimnyam nka Nyankopon’, ‘Enyimnyam Nka Nedin’, ‘Mede Bema Wo’, ‘He Is The Almighty’, ‘Father We Declare’, ‘Da N’ase’, ‘Me Wo Oberema bi’ and more.

In addition to the release of the cassettes and CDs, the group will release their first video soon. The video will feature show-stopping vocal performances, compelling new age dance choreography, and many more surprises.

Nacy does not want to forget individuals like Rev. Asante Marfo-Ahenkora (MD of Tri-Star Insurance co.), Seth Kofi Hammond (Head of Finance of Fonecards Express Ltd and Associate Pastor International Charismatic Church), Joseph Nii Ayittey (Accountant at Korle Bu Hospital), Ricky (board member) and many more.

No Tribe fervently hopes that they can deliver the good news not just to the homes of people or those who already believe, but to reach those who don’t know of God’s plan for them and are in search of the higher purpose of their existence … an existence, which was only made possible through God.

Hopefully No Tribe’s music will inspire people to seek God’s purpose for their lives.

Source: ghanamusic.com