No regrets for Mentor stint - Salti

Sat, 13 Aug 2016 Source: Class FM

Paulette of Mentor 1 fame, now known as Salti in the music industry, has said she does not regret taking part in musical reality show Mentor.

She told the host of Class Drive on Class91.3FM, Prince Benjamin, that: “I don’t regret doing it, but I think that if you are going be on a reality show and you know exactly what you want, then it helps.”

However, she said she participated in the show for the “fun of it”, as she had just left secondary school and found herself at home. She added that she had the “fame” but didn’t really know what to do with it.

According to her, hitting the limelight without preparing adequately for it made fame difficult to handle and, thus, advised up can coming celebrities to psyche themselves up for the pressure that comes with being famous.

“What happens is that people then expect a lot from you and when they are not getting it, they tend to get disappointed and it begins to tell on you because people have high expectations, but you are a kid and you don’t know what you want. But if you do know what you want, if you know you want to be a musician, then you go on a reality show, you go there with a mindset. So, when you come, you use that fame, you use those opportunities and those links,” she said.

Salti revealed she wanted to be a newscaster but began to love music when she participated in the music show.

“I didn’t necessarily go because I wanted to be a musician, but I found out that I enjoyed being on the stage and performing, having to interpret music my way. It was there that I discovered that it’s something I’d probably love to do, not something that I was sure I was going to do,” the young artiste stated.

Salti was part of the maiden edition of TV3’s Mentor reality show, which had 12 housemates, namely Prince, Ruth, Andy, Samuel, Isaac, Rosaline, Hakeem, Martin, Alfred, Doris, and Maya competing for the ultimate prize. Prince emerged as the ultimate winner of the contest.

Source: Class FM