Nollywood's RMD is the ultimate man for any girl

Rmd Sexy Old Richard Mofe-Damijo aka RMD

Fri, 11 Nov 2016 Source: yen.com.gh

There are a lot of things Nigerians have that Ghanaians either have too or don’t want at all, except for one; Richard Mofe-Damijo!

RMD as he is fondly called is exactly like good wine – only gets better with age. RMD has been breaking the internet for the past couple of years with his perfect pictures and his Instagram page has become of the favourites for many fans.

Almost every female fan of Nollywood has a massive crush on the fine actor who also happens to be a lawyer, writer and life coach.

What excites a lot of his (female) fans is how well he has kept his physique and just like a god, looks more and more handsome with each passing day.

He is the perfect model for all fashion trends and he rocks even youthful trends like no other ever has.

Someone referred to RMD as the Mr. Steal your grandma of Africa but YEN.com.gh disagrees. RMD can steal any girl he wants!

What’s even more adorable is the love he has for his family. He has been married for over 16 years and has 5 kids. He is also a grandfather, which he is very proud of.

Steadily, but sure, RMD is becoming the icon for many men on the continent; he is successful, caring, loved by many and certainly very good looking for his age.

Source: yen.com.gh