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'Obi agye obi girl' lyrics was borne out of my experience - Captain Planet

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Singer of hit single 'obi agye obi girl' Captain Planet of 4x4 fame has revealed the motive behind the lyrics of his song. According to him, his past experiences as far as relationships is concerned, inspired the lines.

The song talks about the painful experience of having one’s partner snatched and in the same vein, how pleasant and exciting it is when you’re the one doing the snatching.

According to him, the message he intends to carry across is the fact that it is vital for people to stick to their partners and not chase after others girlfriends and wives.

“I believe in drinking water from one’s own water system simply do not do unto others what you do not want them to do unto you” he said

The song which featured Kofi Kinataa went viral within 28days of it release and has been patronized by many. Speaking on Joynews, Captain Planet expressed excitement at the pace at which the song has risen particularly on the various media airwaves.

“I am grateful how Ghanaians have accepted the song. Normally it take one to two months for a song to sink well with people but this one has been an exception “he added.

Reacting to rumours of his detainment in America, the singer confirmed it and said it was a little misunderstanding about his name and that it was nothing serious.

“It was just a funny experience with the immigration at the airport, the immigration did not believe I was a Ghanaian, so the American embassy called Ghana to confirm whether I was Ghanaian or not”

Source: www.ghanaweb.com