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Obrafour 'Back to Taifa Concert': Fantana fixes exposed 'panty liner' on stage

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One of the embarrassing moments for entertainers is to experience a wardrobe malfunction.

Saturday nights! A day out of the seven days of the week, you get dressed up in a cute outfit and head to event grounds with your friends to watch your favourite stars perform live on stage.

That's when the music experience truly begins. You and thousands of other fans watch enraptured as your favorite singer takes the stage to belt out their biggest hits, enhanced by the a spectacle of musicians, backup dancers, smoke machines, and bright lights. And hey, that singer looks even cuter than you do in their flashy stage outfit. 

But then ... something goes wrong. That singer's clothing is just a little too skimpy or too loosely fitted to their body or a strap breaks loose or they dance too hard or they walk too close to a wind machine and suddenly, something that shouldn't pop out pops out.

That is what happened at the just ended Obrafour's Back to Taifa Concert held yesterday, October 19, 2019, at the Taifa Lorry Station.

New entrant musician Fantana, suffered a wardrobe malfunction when she appeared on stage to perform some of her songs at the concert.

Fantana who was asked by the DJ to twerk for fans, whiles dancing to her popular music in a sexually provocative manner by thrusting her hips in a low, squatting stance, unfortunately, showed her panty liner to the public.

Prompting her, one of her dancers whispered into her ears and walked her off the stage. Ghanaweb's lens was quick to capture her trying to fix her panty liner whiles walking off the stage.

Fans enjoyed performances from Lilwin, Fantana, Obrafour and others that night.

Watch the video below:

Source: www.Ghanaweb.com
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