Music Wed, 24 Nov 2004

Omanyeaba Dance Ensemble To Tour USA And Participate In FloydFest

CD cover The organizers of FloydFest have signed a management agreement with Ghanaian based Omanyeaba Dance Ensemble to participate in the 2005 FloydFest and a USA tour.

The production manager of FloydFest, Kris Hodges has signed a management agreement with Omanyeaba Dance Ensemble and stated in the agreement that Omanyeaba will teach percussion, dance and singing through their various workshops to the community, at festivals, schools, universities and also make their American debut at 2005 FloydFest from July 29 - 31 in VA USA.

?Omanyeaba Dance Ensemble does not just bring the best in Africa music and culture but the best in human spirit?. ?The beautiful and colorful teachings of the band will transform us all. Not only will it be a masterful study tour but a great cultural, educational and transformational experience for USA audience? says Mr. Senyo Kpelly, the Ghanaian Manager.

Across the Way Productions will also use the US tour and FloydFest to promote an annual drumming and dancing study tour organized by Omanyeaba Dance Ensemble and Cultural and Academic Travel Organization (CATO) in Ghana, West Africa.

FloydFest is a grassroots effort with a shared community goal of bringing genuine hospitality and authenticity of the festival. The festival event is promoted by a non profit Blue Cow Arts Foundation, an organization dedicated to cultural preservation globally and to promoting peace and justices through music and art. The festival in the USA has received national acclaim for its diverse line-up and has been ranked as one of the best festivals by online festival guide www.jambase.com. An estimated 8,000 music lovers across America came from near and far to attend FLOYDFEST in Floyd, VA.

Hodges founded FloydFest determined to "showcase the need for cultural survival and community building in the world." You can also visit FloydFest at http://www.floydfest.com .

Omanyeaba Dance Ensemble is an extraordinary acclaimed musicians, educators, and composers from Southern Ghana. The dance ensemble is a resident band for the CATO Cultural Institute.

The founding members are the hereditary keepers of the family royal drums. Omanyeaba founding members has kept up this family tradition all of their life by struggling to maintain and nurture the traditional instrument, music, and rhythms of West Africa.

The dance ensemble taught and performs all over Ghana and some of the leading members, to the international seen, like U.K, Australia and United State of America. Wherever they go, they brings along their passion for music dance and drumming. Omanyeaba means ?blessing? in the local language of their hometown of Accra. You can also check out their website at http://www.omanyeaba.com.


Source: ghanamusic.com