Kwamz gets very personal about Blackness and the BLM movement in this exclusive

Kwamz 2.jpeg Kwamz is a British-based Ghanaian Afrobeat superstar

Mon, 14 Dec 2020 Source: Francis Amissah, Contributor

British-based Ghanaian Afrobeat superstar, Kwamz, has shared a very personal account on being a black creative living in the UK and his support for the Black Lives Matter movement in this exclusive.

The ‘Ronaldo’ crooner has recently leveraged his lyrical prowess to highlight some important social issues facing young people through his music. In his recent song, he assembled a star-studded lineup including Ghetto Boy, Sona, SK and Moelogo to sing a prayer for a ‘Better Life’ amid all the injustices occurring in various spheres of the world.

Kwamz is extremely passionate about making a lasting impact through his talent and work ethic. However, he is conscious of the systematic barriers that impede the growth of black folk and people with African heritage.

"Being black in the UK, we always face challenges especially when it comes to employment. In my case it has been difficult trying to do something positive for myself and my community because of the stigmas attached to black males and the area we are from. There is a negative connotation attached to who we are, which makes it difficult to overcome and leave our environments," the singer highlighting the challenges and stigmas he has personally encountered.

He further expounds on the shared stories of Black people all around the world and expressed how meeting kindred from other parts of the globe showed him that the challenges he faces as a black creative living in the UK is mirrored by people of Black heritage living in the USA and other parts of the world.

"I have travelled to different countries and performed to different audiences of which the majority has been black people. Through conversations with these people, I realized that we all face similar struggles despite living in different parts of the world. However, the positive is that we are all fighting and working hard for better opportunities to create a better life."

Despite the struggles, Kwamz shared his admiration for the sheer strength of Black folk for their tenacity and relentlessness to thrive and attain incredible feats even with the odds stuck against them. He believes that an important arsenal for his people in this fight is that they continue to draw strength from each other.

Listen to his new single ‘Better Life’ featuring Ghetto Boy, Sona, SK and Moelogo here:

Source: Francis Amissah, Contributor