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Our social media posts mustn’t affect our professional lives – Salma Mumin

Salma Mumin Yellow Salma Mumin

Mon, 27 Jan 2020 Source: mzgeegh.com

Salma Mumin has said social media posts of celebrities shouldn’t affect their professional lives.

The stunning actress indicated that there should be a way people especially corporate bodies different between what celebrities do on social media and what they do as professionals.

In a conversation with MzGee, Salma indicated that posts by celebrities on social media shouldn’t be taken serious.

” Social media is just social media. I have a private life which is very serious. What I do on social media is just the joking and unserious part of my life. So it doesn’t affect anything.” She stated

Asked if the posts on social media by some actresses affect how investors see the industry, Salma retorted: ” In other industries, investors work with celebrities that have done the worse. Its just social media so why would anyone take what we do there serious. We have our personal lives too so what we do on social media shouldn’t affect in terms of getting jobs or ambassadorial deals.”

The CEO of Salma Eatery further noted that her scuffle with former friend Moesha Budong on social media was just banter adding that she wishes she could change what had happened.

Source: mzgeegh.com