Entertainment Fri, 1 Jun 2012

Outside Satisfaction,Inner Pity:The Case Of Joselyn Dumas

One major concern and malady making the lifestyle of celebrities in the world difficult is their way and manner of living. It is to be understood that, every celebrity has to live that style of affluence which can easily pull loads of starring eyes on them everywhere they pass. Go to Hollywood and the game there is a stiff competition just as the rod looks like.

Over here in Ghana, some of our celebrities even struggle to feed themselves three square meals so to push them to live in a manner worthy of emulation will mean another thing altogether for survival. It`s always interesting and sad at the same when we hear in town that some celebrities have been caught rushing to board “trotro” commercial vehicles in the city. Let`s not spend more time on this one because it`s no more news worthy.

If you have not heard, then catch the drift here in Flex newspaper because the desire to live a flashy life will definitely make many of our celebrities live in penury through out their lives. Jocylin Dumas is that fine presenter on Viasat 1 One Show and she doubles as a movie star who has starred in Shirley Frimpong Manso`s Adam`s Apples. Many of her fans went agog when information came to them that their favorite personality and idol is now the face of Range Rover Evogue, the latest luxurious car from PHC Motors.Range

Certainly, it seemed good from the beginning but after what some birds seem to be whispering into the ears of Flex newspaper reporters, we feel all that glitters is not gold as they have been saying. Grapevine information and allegation have it that the Adam`s Apples star has never been given the car for free but has a task to perform for using that expensive car after some period. First of all, it has been alleged that, she is to sell five (5) of the same car she is driving after using the car for 12 months (1 year).If she fails to meet the task just as some organizations mark out for their sales representatives, the car will be taken from her or she pays an agreed percentage to keep the car forever.

What the consequence will be is that if she fails to attract customers to patronize five of the cars at the end of the agreed term, Jocelyn will go back to her old car that is if there was one like that. As much as the deal seems juicy to the television star, therefore appending her signature to it, some pundits feel that it is not a good thing to do because it will put more pressure to do some things she would not have loved to do if she was managing her small “toy” which she acquired with her own sweat.dumas

May be the managers of the actress and the team at PHC did not have any alternative for this deal apart from going by the way they have agreed to do. This writer is so grateful that at least the guys at peacefmonline have really exposed the car by bringing the interior to fans who can be attracted to purchase the luxurious car.

How about those who think Jocylin Dumas does not have the charisma to sell a car of that calibre therefore suggesting some other new faces could have done the trick better than her. (Debatable though: according to comments on peacefmonline) So far, not many have seen and heard of the car so I advise the publicity team of the actress to push it hard through the media to get to the people who have the purchasing power. After all, even this story can market the car proper and some rich people out of sympathy can decide to buy the car so the actress will enjoy the luxury of the Range Rover Evogue forever and ever.

Information has it that Victoria Beckam drives the same car else where.**

Source: Flex Newspaper