Music Wed, 14 Apr 2010

"Pass Film Bill Into Law" : Film Producers To Gov't

The Film Producers of Ghana (FIPAG) has appealed to the government to urgently pass the film bill into law. This, FIPAG say will enable the film industry clearly outlined its strategies to achieving an improved and become competitive in the global market.

This was made known when FIPAG called on the Minister of Information, Mr. John Tia Akologo in his office in Accra today.

The Minister said that government is aware of the problems facing the industry especially in terms of legislation, adding that government is in the process of making the film bill a reality and emphasised the great influence the industry has made on society.

Mr. Tia noted that government is concerned about the film making industry and assured FIPAG of an accommodation for their offices.

The President of FIPAG, Mr. Abbey said Ghanaian films are well sensored and portrayed our rich culture and heritage.

He pleaded with the government to support the industry financially to enhance productivity which he said has the potential of creating employment avenues for the numerous unemployed youth

"The issue of piracy causes harm to the industry and we want government to assist us in this area,” he said.

Mr. Richard Quartey, Vice President of FIPAG, added that things which are inconspicuous become significant through the power of films.

He noted that foreign film makers, who come into the country, deprive their Ghanaian counterparts of their work and therefore proposed the passage of a law to govern their operations.