Pastor Blessed-Ennin praises God with a new single titled 'Nsenku'

Pastor Blessed Ennin Pastor Blessed-Ennin

Wed, 23 Nov 2022 Source: Eric Toscar, Contributor

Ghanaian musician Pastor Blessed-Ennin has released a new praise song titled 'Nsenku'.

'Nsenku' has taken several years to finally be ready for public consumption, as Pastor Blessed-Ennin looked for the perfect timing, which is now.

Speaking about the single on social media, Pastor Blessed-Ennin shared that it was now the season to lift God’s name using instruments and various channels.

He wrote:

“I have come to understand that God uses channels to unveil all that he wants to do. One of these channels has been the musical instrument. The Bible says that as David played the harp, evil spirits left Saul. The enemy is using this same channel to capture and imprison many; both young and old. Join me this season as we use our musical instruments and channels to lift God’s name”.

Pastor Blessed-Ennin is an ordained reverend minister of the gospel, a US Army veteran, a mental health activist, and a prolific songwriter.

He is also a seasoned author of three books on Amazon, having written books including ‘The Realm of Dreams’, ‘3 Invincible Battles to Win’, and ‘Building Your Spiritual Wall.

He is also the founder of the Oliveyard Church - a vibrant and thriving youth church.

Source: Eric Toscar, Contributor