Pastor Larbi is a liar - Dark Saburb

Sat, 27 Aug 2016 Source: vibesin5.com

Controversial Ghanaian Rock Band – Dark Saburb known for their “skeletal” way of dressing which makes people perceive them as evil, has debunked claims made against them by popular man of God – Prophet Daniel Asamoah-Larbi and have labelled him a blatant liar.

Prophet Daniel Larbi who is the president of Worldwide Council of Prophetic Alliance and doubles as husband of ace Ghanaian Musician, Akosua Agyapong is recorded to have descended heavily on Dark Saburb tagging the Rock Band as idol worshippers and demonic.

Pastor Larbi who doubles as a prophet revealed that whenever Dark Saburb performs there is a feeling of heavy demonic presence.

He went ahead to sound a warning to the general public to resist the group as their sole mission is to win souls for the devil.

In an interview on the nation’s only Social Media Celeb Talk Show – “Vibes In 5 with Arnold”, the Rock Band with hit songs like Colour blind, ego bee, hustle and I dey feel you die responded to Pastor Larbi’s claims. When asked by host – Arnold Mensah Elavanyo, if they have received bashing from any pastor apart from Pastor Larbi, Dark Suburb responded this way “no he is the only liar in Ghana, Pastor Larbi is a liar, the whole of Ghana”.

They also added that they do not fear him even though he is a man of God. Because according to them God is for us all not just for the pastor alone.

Dark Saburb believes that behind every hum?an being is a skeleton which makes all of us equal irrespective of race and religion and they demonstrate that in their dressing so Ghanaians should not mistake them for evil.

Source: vibesin5.com