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People around Shatta Wale fear to speak the truth to him – Shatta Mitchy

Shatta And Shatta Mitchy 1 The SM couple Shatta Mitchy and Shatta Wale

Mon, 16 Apr 2018 Source: ghanafuo.com

Empress of the Shatta Movement Empire has indicated that Shatta Wale has created fake people around him who do not tell him the truth.

This comment comes after the two in the glare of social media users are washing their dirty linen.

Shatta Mitchy in a thread on Facebook has revealed that the Dancehall King has pulled a gun on him for more than three times but she chose to keep it.

“All the lies and deceit. I don’t remember coming to complain here when a gun is pulled on me more than 3 times”

She added that although people around Shatta Wale do not like something he does, they hail him because they want to stick around and not because they love him.

“Your people around know the truth, you’ve created fake people out of them cuz u don’t like the truth.”

Source: ghanafuo.com
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