Music Wed, 4 Jul 2007

Please help! Showbiz stars

Readers will agree with me that our showbiz stars apart from their respective roles they are occupied with have not played any significant role in the society to help promote good values and norms. I personally think that it is time our showbiz stars become ambassadors in our society.

The showbiz stars do not refers to only musicians but includes presenters, Djs, footballers, boxers, actors and actresses and among others. The country at the moment is been bedeviled with many anti societal issues like drug abuse, “gangsterism”, premarital sex, among others. Authorities have done their best to curb the menace but it still keeps on prevailing.

I am of the personal view that these issues can easily be fought against if our showbiz stars are to turn themselves into ambassadors for the society to create awareness concerning such issues. Supposing Batman Samini Kweku Gyasi or Noble Nketsiah is to organize a nationwide campaign advising the youth on the need to abstain from premarital sex because condoms is never the best way to prevent from HIV AIDS, don’t we think their message will be taken seriously?

If VIP who are respected a lot by the ghetto guys because they originated from the ghettos when they embark on a campaign against “gangsterism” will help curb the menace among these guys. If Chris Attoh, Wolf, Jon Germain, Earl Ankrah, John Apea should use their opportunity on the screen to advise the youth against anti societal issues.

Source: ghanamusic.com