Police informant goes missing amid threats from implicated drug lord

Mon, 6 Apr 2020 Source: Prince Dornu, Contributor

The family of a 35-year-old Police informant in Kasoa near Accra, have been thrown into a state of sadness and uncertainty following the disappearance of their relative, Sika Sannie, for about two weeks now, few days after revealing his role in the capture of a hardened drug baron.

According to a reliable family source, Sannie disclosed to his closest sibling about his role in the capture of the drug Lord some few weeks ago when he also expressed how he was afraid for his life after the disappearance without trace of his own partner a few weeks earlier.

It was then he also revealed how he has been working for many years as an informant for the Police and how his latest work succeeded in helping the Police to arrest the big drug baron who had evaded them for years.

The case went to court with the accused remanded but he was eventually freed with his high connections. It was afterwards that Sannie and his partner started receiving death threats from the camp of the drug kingpin. They didn't take it seriously until the sudden disappearance of Sannie's partner with all attempts to trace him proving fruitless.

Sannie apparently realised the grave enormity of the situation and therefore opened up to his closest brother, confessing his Police informant role and how he was afraid for his life due to the threats from the said drug baron.

"The family was very afraid when Sannie told them that his life was in danger and were planning to send him to their village in the North so he can hide there for a while," the family source said.

"However before they could do anything, Sannie went missing after he didn't return from an errand in town which got everybody worrying. We have searched for him everywhere, called all his friend's we know and still nobody knows where he is. Not even the Police can help," he added.

"The whole family is traumatised, they fear that Sannie may have been captured by the drug baron and are afraid what may have happened to him. We are only praying that he is free from harm and will return to his family soon," he said, tearfully.

Source: Prince Dornu, Contributor
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